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For the Movie Lovers Out there: The Top 10 Best Action Movies

Updated on October 5, 2015
The Matrix
The Matrix

There is something that keeps attracting us to action. The never-ending barrages, the fights, the destruction, it all forms a unique a beautiful feeling that we love to experience. Of course, we never want any of these things to actually be true. Yet we like seeing it happen, see how buildings deteriorate with explosions, how fighters blend and flow with each other during fights, it all really strikes us with awe and wonderment. The best way that this amazing bliss has been delivered to us is through movies.

Sure, TV series are right up there with their effects and choreographed fights but movies are the ones that have delivered the most unrelenting and awesome fights to date.

Now, as many other forms of media and their categories, I have seen a good share of action films in the time I have had admiring the large group of directors and their creations. This is why I wanted to write a list on the best movies I have seen so far. I consider these masterpieces that gave the genre a whole new twist and development not yet seen. They are not ranked in any specific order as I could not bring myself to decide which one was the best of them all. If you did not see something you thought should have been here like Die Hard or Terminator, it is simply because I could not choose between the many sequels and decided it would be unfair to have just one. Without much more explanation or debate, here are the top 10 best action movies in my opinion.

The Matrix:

There is no way that I could have not put this one the list. Strong and bringing new mechanics to the category, The Matrix follows Neo, the chosen one destined to save humanity from the machines. Gruesome, dark and filled with fights that have been replicated time and time again, this movie gave many directors the inspiration they needed to make their own creations and gave even more fans yet another film to quote and love for years.

Mad Max:

Fury Road: Although it is an early creation and has over the top action with little plot development, this movie is the most natural and raw definition of pure action and adrenaline. I mean, there's a guy playing an electric guitar flamethrower while driving at top speeds, it had to be a legendary creation. It held up perfectly with few words and strong determination to make audiences scream and revel in how much destruction and havoc can be caused in such a short period of time.

John Wick
John Wick

John Wick:

I don't think there is any better way to depict a man's love for his dog like this movie did. Following a strong and elite assassin known as John Wick, the story revolves around the loss of his wife and the only thing she had left behind: a cute puppy. After a ruthless slaughter scene and some curses thrown to the air, Mr. Wick goes back into the game to deliver some final blows to some criminals to avenge his best friend. The action scenes were crafted to perfection and we can't help but thank the director that he didn't give everyone infinite ammo and actually showed when they ran out. It was simply beautiful.

Indiana Jones
Indiana Jones

Indiana Jones:

Raiders of the Lost Ark: Amazing directors and actors finally collided and created a masterpiece for the ages. This movie can be repeated a million times and still look awesome because of the amount of detail and dedication put into it. The villains were amazing and the writing was basically flawless. The fan favorite hero also helps to make this a film that we will show future generations for a long time.



Dark and realistic, this movie shattered my mind completely right before the credits began to roll. The story follows a man that was imprisoned suddenly, cutting him off from society and his family. Only hearing about his wife's death through the TV in his room, he vouches to escape and find out what was going on and why he had been incarcerated. Every twist and turn made the story more convoluted until the past is finally explained and we see the truth in the scenes that we had not understood until then. Even now I am stricken with confusion and awe when I think about the ending.


Beautiful and revolutionary, I loved this movie. It may have some messages that have already been stated and overdone but the way they brought attention to the topic and created a nice and welcomed battle near the end. The characters felt strong and familiar, the events played nicely and it was all in all breathtaking action. I can only wish that dear director James Cameron decides to make another one.

Avatar (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray/ DVD Combo Pack)
Avatar (Blu-ray 3D + Blu-ray/ DVD Combo Pack)

James Cameron's AVATAR comes to life as never before - now in eye-popping 3D for the ultimate home viewing experience.


I'm primarily interested in the storyline differences between special sets and their theatrical counterparts, so here are the differences between the two (NOTE: SPOILERS FOLLOW).

The extended collector's edition runs 16 minutes 28 seconds longer than the theatrical cut, and listed below are the major differences.

1) The opening scene is different, and starts with Jake in a wheelchair on Earth, in a Blade Runner-esque Earth city. The scene moves to scenes of Jake in his apartment, then taking liquid shots in a bar. Jake's narration of "I told myself I can pass any test a man can pass" and "They can fix the spinal if you got the money. But not on vet benefits, not in this economy" are inserted during this new opening scene.

Jake beats up a bar patron who is mistreating a woman, and then Jake and wheelchair are unceremoniously thrown outside by bouncers into an alley. While in the alley, Jake meets the two RDA representatives who bring him news of his brother's untimely death. Then the movie cuts back to the original theatrical cut where Jake sees his brother's body cremated, then awakes in space.

Rush Hour 3
Rush Hour 3

Rush Hour 3:

Hilarious, witty and based on the same schematics that Lethal Weapon brought to the genre, this film felt that the final and most perfect form of the buddy cop movie theme. The fighting was unique and the scenes only got more ridiculous by the second, bringing me to my feet as I cheered for Carter and Lee one last time. The ending was also quite pristine, all with the use of the song War, What is it good for, one last time.

World War Z
World War Z

World War Z:

One of the most realistic depictions of zombies in my opinion, this film kept me on edge throughout its duration, making me think just how hard it is to really stay alive in this scenario. The tension felt with every silent getaway and how strong and fast the zombies seemed to come at just about every obstacle scared and excited me at the same time. Although many see this as a horror movie, there are no real jump scares or buildups that made it feel like so. That is why I consider it an action film.

Kingsman, the Secret Service
Kingsman, the Secret Service

Kingsman, The Secret Service:

Is it over the top? Perhaps, but it is way too enjoyable to criticize over it. The secret service overcomes any expectation I had of it and I am still praising it over it. The action, the quick scenes that follow every move and tactic and the lovable character that seemed like the perfect hero, this film had it all right for me. Simply put, it was a truly amazing work of art from director Mathew Vaughn.



This was one confusing movie, enough said, following an elite team of thieves that take thoughts right out of peoples head. This movie managed to get the song Je ne regrette rien stuck in my head while providing astounding scenery and incredible action. Every time someone says they haven't watched it yet I make sure to watch it again with them.

There are many more classics that are worth mentioning for this genre such as The Chronicles of Riddick, The Transporter or the X Men series but I believe the films I spoke about to be the most action packed and powerful films to this day. I know I might change my opinion in the future but for now, I think these deserve the title of the top ten best action movies.

Article by: Steven Gutiérrez


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    • Gibape profile imageAUTHOR

      Milady González 

      2 years ago

      Yes nnms, it was a wonderful movie, I enjoyed it very much, too. Thank you for your comment.

    • nnms profile image

      Seiboi Misao 

      2 years ago from India

      I have watched all the movies in the list and I enjoyed the Avatar the most.

    • Gibape profile imageAUTHOR

      Milady González 

      3 years ago

      My pleasure. Thanks to you too.

    • Discordzrocks profile image

      Gavin Heinz 

      3 years ago from Austin TX

      Thanks I'll be sure to check it out

      Also tnx for the follow I just made a new hub because of my first one

    • Gibape profile imageAUTHOR

      Milady González 

      3 years ago

      Don't worry Discordzrocks, hopefully the article will be posted soon this week :)

    • Discordzrocks profile image

      Gavin Heinz 

      3 years ago from Austin TX

      Few, cause when I saw World War Z I almost fainted

    • Gibape profile imageAUTHOR

      Milady González 

      3 years ago

      You're right Discordzrocks I didn't put those in because they will be in an upcoming list called Top ten classic action movies, the ones you can watch again and again. I'm just finishing the list so that I can write about them all in detail.

    • Discordzrocks profile image

      Gavin Heinz 

      3 years ago from Austin TX

      This list was...good but you forgot a ton of classics like diehard and BRAVEHEART


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