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Forbes Ranks the 10 Most Powerful People in the World

Updated on July 9, 2017

Given the choice between power and money leaves countless folks taking the former over the latter.

The world is not as big as most individuals imagine. It is extremely small when running in these types of social circles.
The world is not as big as most individuals imagine. It is extremely small when running in these types of social circles. | Source

Discovering how to get to the top of the heap of power is extremely attractive

One lone woman is among the top ten most powerful people in the world today

Each year there is a list shared ranking the most powerful people in the world. The idea of making a register of these folks was introduced by a company by the name of Forbes.

Forbes has created a ranking order of individuals and discovering who is part of this elite inventory is always suspenseful. A certainly kind of shock and awe come with the person, business or diplomat considered the best of the best. Being the cream of the crop is never a bad spot to be in.

There is a tendency to believe only wealthy recipients are worthy of the recognition. Though a majority of the file is full of people who certainly have a income in the millions or billions of dollars, this is not always the case. Over the years there have certainly been exceptions where income did not compare to the clout a person possessed when it came to world domination on some level.

Who said money isn't everything?

Cash, income and money in the bank are all important for a comfortable life. More than a few studies have revealed the number of millionaires in the United States has grown ten fold in the last generation. The same holds true for other countries.

As technology changes, economic situations change and fluctuate and politics lean in for a look, the potential to be make the list or be dropped is viable.

With power there is typically money to follow. However, the same is not always true for the reverse. Depending on how many dollars are in the bank, how they got there and what use these serve are all calculators.

Not surprisingly readers will discover business leaders in the free world, politics from all sides and sources as well as religious figures. However, there are some criminals listed side by side with opinion makers. These are the Top Ten Most Powerful people in the world.

10) David Cameron

The prime minister of England has the number ten. This had quite a few people raise and eyebrow. The main concern with the country of England is how the division of power is explained or accepted by the inhabitants of the country and viewed by the world. Who is more powerful, the Prime Minister or the Royal Family.

Every citizen has a duty to donate tax monies to assure the Royal family is kept in a lavish lifestyle. This is a fairy tale people love to see and most imagine there is an enormous amount of clout, muscle and especially power coming from this station in life. Forbes felt differently when it came to the Royals versus the Elected official of Britain.

This is an assuming man if seen on the streets of England. He is an average 45 year old married man netting an income of approximately $225,000 a year. Many of citizens compare him to Margaret Thatcher when discussing ruling styles, public appearances for the world and working with Parliament.

There appears to be a hurdle to cross. He appears at odds with the conservative government. A lot of infighting within the political ranks in the U.K is said to be the norm. Regardless of ruling style or battles, the title is still bequeathed. .

9) Mark Zuckerberg

The creator of Facebook is holding his own at number 9. Even without a college degree he takes home pay worth north of $17 billion. He is working to build an enormous empire to a tech ideology of his own creation..

There have been several acquisitions of other internet viral projects. Combinations of more than a few will put him in charge of a vast amount of space across the internet, who uses it and how.

Life has certainly been good to this 27 year old Harvard drop out. He has 10% of the world’s population visiting Facebook and spending an average of at least 6 hours each month browsing it. The numbers have continued to climb and as he tinkers with one of the best ideas of the century.

8) Ben Bernake

This is a guy working hard and taking home just under $200,000 per year. Federal employees are not known for getting rich working the job. Ben Bernake has the job of managing the money of the United States.

The Chairman of the Federal Reserve in the United States happens to be a married father of 2. Responsibilities of this job involve shaping up our banking system after the banking crisis occurred which shook the entire world by the throat. When decisions are made concerning the dollar bill, interest rates, bonds sold and other the stock market flows it effects decisions made out of this office and overseen by Mr. Bernake. .

An interesting note is a project, Operation Twist he has devised. The goal is to urge long term interest rates to drive even lower than the current numbers. The end game is always working to put the country into the black instead of the read. There is an enormous federal debt and budget to be balanced.

Affecting the Fed’s $1.7 trillion portfolio of America’s federal debt is an enormous end result. Driving the most dominant economy on the globe certainly counts for something when it comes to influence.

7) The Pope

The Pontiff is number seven of ten in the discussion of folks with enough sway to be labeled the most powerful in the world. He is one of the most recognized and influential individuals in the world.

Pope Benedict XVI is 84 years of age and holds a position which seems to always make this catalog. No matter which Pope is in the Vatican there seems to be an all out attempt to make a positive change in the world. Traveling to difference places around the globe makes the visibility of the Pope and his voice heard clearly and typically first hand. This is commanding for people in all walks of life.

Being a spiritual leader to every one in six people on the globe certainly helps to hold this position. The Pontiff is a German transplant to Vatican City. Religion is a large part of billions of people's life.

With a personal army and city designed and built this position makes the appearance of an enormous sovereignty not just in Rome, but everywhere.

6) Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz al Saud

The 87 year old Saudi Arabian king is married and remains one of the last monarchs found on the planet. Economics is the card played to put this man on this list. Supply and demand are natural and have always existed. Who has what and who needs it makes all the difference in the world.

What this King has is oil. Leading a nation possessing 20% of all the oil known to exist at this time. There are always others in the industry searching for it and hoping to be as fortunate. Though, the odds are not in a person's favor.

Economics and a mixture of religion is also a sway in how this man is ranked. Along with oil reserves the monarch has 2 of the Muslim world’s holiest cities under his rule. There is always the probability of moving up higher depending on politics and the economy.

5) Bill Gates

Bill has been on the list quite a few times. Over and over again he is headlining in the tech world. He will possibly continue to do so for years to come. Clearing close to $60 billion. Unfortunately single ladies, this software billionaire is married and the father of three.

Bill Gates is also a Harvard drop out along with Zuckerburg. As well as having power he also has wealth.

After marrying his wife and great deal of his interest turned towards philanthropy. Warren Buffet gave Bill and his foundation billions to see special projects through to fruition in lesser developed countries. He has wealth, smarts and a heart. It never hurts to also gain a leg up with one of the wealthiest men in America gives you billions without attaching any strings.

4) Angela Merkel

This is the only woman found among the men in this directory. Being female was not a detriment. She was considered under the same criteria as her male counterparts for power. Cash flow is not as glamorous as some on the role, but the German Chancellor clears close to $300,000 a year.

As Chancellor of Germany Mrs. Merkel has focused on the country's monetary system with enormous success. Her work has made the country comparable financially to others in Europe and even America.

Running the most energetic economy in Europe, Mrs. Merkel also was registered with a higher degree of trust and confidence by the French people than their own president Nicholas Sarkozy.

3) Hu Jintao

Jintao is the president of China. The 68 year old ruler is holding three different offices as China’s leader. He is considered the president of this powerful nation, the Communist Party General Secretary as well as Commander in Chief for China. Three hats, but one paycheck.

He does plan to allow some of his titles to transfer to other individuals over the next several years as part of a succession plan. Running these three very influential offices located in China accounts for being identified among these ten individuals.

China is a superpower. They have positioned themselves to be the largest American importer. With socialism moving more toward capitalism, things are certainly changing.

2) Vladimir Putin

With an income of merely $126,000 per year the Prime Minister of Russia is a earning on the low side of politicians mentioned here. The married 59 year old is popular, but fails to give a lot of public interviews.

He is fit and took up ice hockey just recently. Falling in second behind President Obama does have its perks and set backs.Second place is never good. Whether it is in political arenas or sports.

No one remembers who lost the last Super Bowl, but everyone knows who won. How about the Gold Medalist versus the Silver? The same is said about the second name on the listing of power. This is the person always striving to reach the number one position.

Dimitry Medvedev has announced he will not run for Prime Minister again. This gives Putin an opportunity to possibly hold this office until 2024. Whether or not he will remain on the list of until 2024 remains to be seen.

1) The Most Powerful Man in the World is Barack Obama

America has several of the top spots of power around the world. Holding the number one spot is the president of the United States of America, Barack Obama. At 50 years old, this married father of 2 is found on top because he heads the most powerful nation on earth.

His accomplishments have been prolific considering he held no other previous office such as mayor or governor of a state. He is a Harvard Law Graduate and responsible for the Harvard Law Review while attending.

He is from Hawaii. This is the first time the island state has had a home grown boy come into the Presidency.

A disaster waited him in the economic state of the country. A banking crisis, housing crisis, health insurance issues and disasters looming in the airlines and automotive fields kept his plate full. All of these were resolved and the economy has grown triple fold since taking office. There is a stabilization with the national debt and millions of new jobs created. The future is bright for Obama.

He is certainly very popular in America. Amazingly he seems to have the same appeal in other countries as well. Along with being the most powerful man in the world, President Obama is also thought of as one of the most if not the most influential person on the globe.

In conclusion

These the folks around the globe making the decisions which affect everyday life for billions of people. These are the minds of power in the world according to Forbes Magazine.

There are not many surprises. It is good to see a woman among the top ten and the field is a great mix, despite America holding 3 of the top 10 slots at the top.

source: Forbes Magazine 2011

The names and face change from year to year. There are a few special and unique individuals who have a repeat performance.

This is an annual list formed and influenced with several various factors considered. Most cross barriers to unite folks all around the world.

There are politicians, businessmen and women, religious icons and always a few up and coming entrepreneurs crafted great ideas for future of technology.

Categories such as people belonging to the world of culture, entertainment, sports, politics and so much more. All of these items and a formula is used to narrow the list of people from hundreds to a mere ten.

Control, influence, dominance, sway and even dominion are all synonyms for power. These are characterized in all sorts of viewpoints depending on personal perce


Is war where power comes from?

Is it fair to assume a Nobel Prize Winner as potential honorees. Depending on what the idea, mission or accomplishment this person completed puts the name in bright lights before the public. Is this a factor of the algorithm used for the selection?

The directory of nominees and final names is a closely guarded secret. The methodology behind it is generally explained in general terms. Though, there are times when it makes one think about life in general.

In the last 10 years there has been one Forbes roll of the top ten which left some people to question what the world was coming to. The top 6 companies were all related in some way shape and form to war.

These were corporations responsible for private military contracts and billions of dollars were flowing out of one country into another. An economy was effected in a minimum of five or six countries around the world.

Nobel Peace Prize

President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize while in office. He had an amazing positive affect wherever he zoomed his attention.

One of the most highly touted praises went to his above and beyond approach to getting the pollution in our world reduced as well as finding new fuels.

He got rid of those big clunks of cars on the road and made manufactures abide by a law to reduce emotions and increase miles per gallon to a standard option. There is a minimum by law. There are not many Hummers getting 10 miles to gallon to be found.


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