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Forever Never Band

Updated on October 17, 2010

Forever Never

Forever Never are one of my favourite British metal bands that I listen and see regularly today. My friends and I found them at Download Festival 2009, they played on the smallest stage the "Bedroom Jam" I saw these over Hatebread and Fightstar.

Since seeing Forever Never at Download I have seen them 5 more times, Headline in Leeds, Support Skindred in York, Headline in Bradford and twice in my home town... Newcastle upon Tyne. I hope to see them many more and rock my nuts off.

Forever Never truly are the Cowboys from Essex!

Forever Never
Forever Never


Forever Never have released 3 albums since starting out in 2004, "Aporia", "Forever Never" and "I cant believe its not metal" All of them are fantastic. Check out their videos below which you can find playing regularly on Karrang TV!

Forever Never - As I Lie

Forever Never - Never Enough

Forever Never - You're The Voice


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