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Forever Season 1 Finale Review

Updated on May 13, 2015

Finding the Dagger

Weeks ago Adam told Henry that the object that caused their first death is the key to their last. The theory has not been tested, but when the dagger comes into play in a murder, Henry knows that Adam will stop at nothing to obtain the dagger. Throughout the investigation, Henry tries to stay one step ahead of the NYPD. He deliberately misleads Jo to keep her away from the danger, but his odd behavior makes her suspicious. He alienates her and causes a lot of mistrust, especially when he slips antacid into a suspects coffee to get answers.

The Showdown

Henry's methods do lead him to the dagger, and an inevitable showdown with Adam in an abandoned subway station. Adam has the gun that killed Henry, which makes no sense since Abe was watching the gun the entire episode. Did he manage to get the gun while Abe stepped away for a minute or is it not the same gun at all?

During the showdown, Adam is trying to provoke Henry into killing him. He taunts him with memories of his wife and the fear of Jo hearing the gun fire. Henry sticks to his morals, and Adam proceeds to pull the trigger. With his dying breath, Henry injects Adam with something to cause permanent paralysis and whispers " I am not a killer; I’m a doctor." The perfect form of revenge for someone who is destine to live forever.

Secrets Revealed

After Henry is shot, his body vanishes right before the arrival of Jo. It turns out that Henry does not die as Adam suggested and he resurrects in the Hudson River once again. Jo does find Henry's pocket watch and an old picture of Henry, Abigail, and young Abe in the abandoned subway station, which brings more questions to her mind. She arrives at the door looking for answers, where Abe encourages his dad to let her in and reveal the truth. Henry slowly agrees and says "it's a long story."

What was your favorite aspect of the show?

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Did Henry tell Jo everything? This was one aspect of the series that got on my nerves. Every episode, she almost found out, but never did. The fact that she seemingly now knows his story makes the plot lines of each episode able to be more complex. We will never know how season 2 would have turned out, as it has not been given the chance to redeem itself. What are your thoughts one season 1 and the finale? Personally, I liked the way it ended. What would you have hoped to see in season 2?


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