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Forgotten Children's Films You Need To Watch

Updated on April 1, 2012

Are your children looking for new films to watch? There are plenty of older films that will provide your children with entertainment and the chance to use their imaginations. Here's a list of forgotten children's films that your family will fall in love with!


Darby O'Gill and the Little People

Leprechauns. Magic. An epic tale. Sean Connery, Albert Sharpe and Janet Munro bring together a magical story about the king of the leprechauns, Brian and the quest of a man to make the town believe. This film is great to watch any day, but will also provide more entertainment on St. Patrick's Day.


The Phantom Tollbooth

You may remember the book with the same name written by Norton Juster. The animated film came out in 1970, however didn't receive much publicity. The film stars Mel Blanc, Butch Patrick, and Hans Conried. The film centers around a young boy, Milo, complaining that everything in life is pointless. A tollbooth arrives to take him to a magical land where he is needed to save rhyme and reason. In his quest he learns that time is a gift and we should all make the most out of every single day.


Peter Pan (with Mary Martin)

Peter Pan will always be a classic and this specific version was released for TV in 1960, the adaptation was written by Jerome Robbins. The film is unique in the sense that it's a theatrical rendition, which allows your imagination to take over. Starring Mary Martin, Cyril Ritchard, and Maureen Bailey.


Pete's Dragon

Pete's Dragon was released by Disney in 1977. The film is based around an orphan boy named Pete who is escaping from his evil adoptive parents. His cartoon dragon is his only friend until he meets a friendly woman and her father. Pete and his dragon, Elliott, also meet a crazy doctor who wants to use the dragon for medicine. Starring Helen Reddy, Shelley Winters, Red Buttons, Mickey Rooney and Sean Marshall.


An American Tail

If you're looking for a great movie for the entire family to watch this is it. The 1986 film is based on Russian mice immigrating to the United States. During the boat ride a mouse, Fievel, becomes separated from his family and the movie follows his quest to be reunited in the states. Starring Christopher Plummer, Dom DeLuise, and Erica Yohn.


Alice In Wonderland (Made for TV 1985)

There have been numerous renditions of this classic novel, but this made for TV version is possibly the best. With an all-star cast (Red Buttons, Shelley Winters, Scott Baio, Sherman Hemsley, Ringo Starr, Sammy Davis Jr, Roddy McDowall, Beau Bridges, Steve Allen, Carol Channing, Sally Struthers, John Stamos, Lloyd Bridges, and Natalie Gregory) relaying the story, your family will definitely fall in love with this film. It's split into two parts, the first being Alice In Wonderland and the second, Alice Through The Looking Glass. This film has been released on DVD, however the second part is not included.


The Three Caballeros

If you're looking for a fun, animated film this will be a great addition to your collection. Donald Duck opens three presents, and each take him on a different journey. The journeys take Donald on trips through Mexico and South America that are thrilling and fun for all!Starring Aurora Miranda, Carmen Molina, and Dora Luz.


Bedknobs and Broomsticks

The ideas of witchcraft and wizardry have become very popular over the past twenty years. Before the magic of Harry Potter came the magical journey of three children (Charlie, Carrie and Paul) during World War II. These children are sent to live with a witch, Miss Price, which Paul blackmails. In order to keep her secret safe, Miss Price is forced to give him something. She gives the children a bedknob which allows them to travel on magical adventures. Starring Angela Lansbury, Roddy McDowall, and David Tomlinson.


Little Monsters

Maybe your children are showing interest in watching their first"scary" film. Little Monsters is a great film to introduce your children to, when they are ready. The film follows two brothers, Brian and Eric (Fred and Ben Savage) as they meet the monster, Maurice(Howie Mandel), that visits them from under their beds. Brian and Maurice become best friends and go on the adventure of a lifetime until things go terribly wrong.


The Monster Squad

Another great "scary" film for the family is The Monster Squad. Dracula decides to take over the world and in order to complete his quest he needs the help of other monsters. The Monster Squad is a group of children who are considered outcasts. They discover Dracula's plan and create a counter plan to stop the monsters from succeeding. Starring Andre Gower, Robby Kiger, and Stephen Macht.


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    • jamterrell profile image

      jamterrell 6 years ago

      Thanks for introducing them. I never heard all of them except peter pan. I guess all of them have amazing stories children must watch.

    • Majadez profile image

      Maja Dezulovic 6 years ago from Johannesburg, South Africa

      Wow! These movies are really forgotten. I've heard of some of them but haven't watched any. It's a little strange to picture Sean Connery in a children's movie but I just watched the trailer for that one. It's always good to liven up the imagination. Adding them to my watch list... Thanks. ;)