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Forgotten Heavy Metal Bands: "Celestial Sorrow" from Kuhmo Finland

Updated on February 25, 2018

Celestial Sorrow Was a Band Like Kalmah

Celestial Sorrow was a Finnish melodic death and power metal band from the city of Kuhmo in Finland. They have to be classified as a forgotten heavy metal band because few people would know about them because they are so obscure. However, these guys were not short on talent! I happened to listen to two of their released demos, the first one called Despair Within Me released in 2003. The first song from this demo is called Wavering Existence and it has a beautiful symphonic keyboard part near the end of the song. Does anyone remember the band Kalmah? They had keyboard parts like this as well in their songs.

Celestial Sorrow Band Logo


Wavering Existence is from the Demo Called Despair Within Me

Wavering Existence is a song about the realization that our time on Earth is limited and a person wants to know whether his partner has any true feelings of love for him. However, he suspects that she has been pretending to love him when she does not love him. The vocals in this band are similar to Kalmah and Eternal Tears of Sorrow. Some people do not truly grasp that our time on this planet is limited and that human beings do not have the time to play games in order to wait until what is called judgement day.

About the Song Significant Decision

The song Significant Decision has a power metal kind of feel to it in the beginning. This is a song about questioning the existence of human beings. Vocalist Teemu Ahtonen wonders in the song why humans were created to fight against each other. Even though human beings can live the right way, they can never be perfect. GOD has to lead them in the right direction and HE can. Significant Decision has a lead guitar part that is influenced by Iron Maiden.

About the 2004 Demo Called X-Hated

Celestial Sorrow would release their demo called X-Hated in 2004 and this one is really fantastic! The first song called Pain Overload is a song about a relationship that has become so toxic that one of the people cannot stand the other person anymore. He wonders why he should save the other person when that other person has tormented him enough with their toxic behavior. The next song called Exit/Hell continues in the same kind of theme. When there is so much injustice in the world, it can make us feel very sick and we must advocate for the right kind of social change. A person can sometimes feel like they are a leaf that is drifting away in a sort of chaotic society. The next song called Shattered rhythmically is similar in some respects to the first song Pain Overload. However, this song is about someone who has lost their sense of humor and their mind. They are wondering what kind of directional road map to use to get out of this place they are in. Sometimes we declare that we need solitude to try to get things to work out our way. People think that they can figure things out better when they are alone. The last song called Ready to Hang is a song about what can happen when people are fearful. Sometimes chaos can result and the path to disorder ensues. Celestial Sorrow would break up in 2005 but their career was solid especially with these two demos. The only real drawback to this band is the fact they focus too much on the same kind of lyrical themes.

"Farewell After All"

Wavering Existence

© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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