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Forgotten Heavy Metal Bands: Mind-A-Stray From Finland That Mixes Melodic Metal With Thrash Metal

Updated on April 8, 2022
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Who are Mind-A-Stray and what is their musical style?

Mind-A-Stray is a Finnish metal band that has either been forgotten about or is so obscure as to not get any attention from heavy metal fans. Which is a shame because these guys are talented. They formed in Helsinki back in 2000. They were under two different names before their current one. They were under the name of Holochaust from 2000 through 2002. And then, they performed under the name Darcane from 2002 through 2005. They have been playing under the name of Mind-A-Stray since 2005. They have Tommi “Tommy Dee” Tiihonen as their vocalist. I will also be reviewing their 2005 demo called Sign of Victory. They are a melodic metal band with thrash metal elements.

Track listing for the Demo CD Sign of Victory

  1. Sign of Victory
  2. The One That Got Away
  3. Menace to Society

"Sign of Victory" Song Review

The first song "Sign of Victory" is about someone who should be living their life for the victories that they are capable of getting to. However, they are giving that all away just to get famous. He wants to reach his goals in whatever way he can. He will criticize others along his path while denying his own flaws. He has absolutely no feelings and no mercy for the people that he hurts. These kinds of people will only get what historians refer to as Pyrrhic victories. In a sense these are victories that seem like victories on the surface but they are defeats. The song describes what an egomaniac or narcissist is like. These are the classic signs of someone that fits this description. I think most of you can guess who perhaps the biggest narcissist on the planet is now.

About the song "Menace to Society"

The song "Menace to Society" is about someone that lives their life without a definite plan. He does things that are an example of someone that is decaying in front of themselves. Their days get wasted away and they have that grinning, deceptive smile on their face. These kinds of people will do what they can to get through their days even if they use deceptive tactics. The song should hopefully be a message to people around the world that we must be careful who we choose to trust. The song has a definite Pantera influence in it as you can hear the similarity between one of the parts and the song Regular People (Conceit).

The song "Sign of Victory"

The song The One That Got Away is one of the best ballads you will ever hear!

The One That Got Away is a superb power ballad and one of my favorite songs of the band other than Valley of Misery. The song is about a man that feels very hopeless and lost in his life because he let the love of his life walk away from him. He feels that the only way that his sanity and normalcy to life can be restored is if he is reunited with the one that he loves. Even though he does not know everything about her, being with her has opened up his mind and he would still die to be with her. The song reminds me of the person that is the first love of my life. Even though she did not walk away from me, we are separated from a few thousand miles. In the song, the man says that if his lover leaves him, he will understand this, but he will always wonder if she was the one that got away from him. Sometimes we can never be really sure if the one that left us is the one that got away. Remember to love as much as you can.

Sign of Victory vs. The One That Got Away

Which one of these two songs do you like more?

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How is the demo CD Sign of Victory?

The three song demo is a good mix of melodic metal, blues, and thrash. The demo Sign of Victory should get no less than 90 points out of 100. I first heard about this band when I was listening to the song Valley of Misery back in 1999 and 2000. The song was wrongly categorized because of a similarity in the vocals to James Hetfield. I hope that more people can see the brilliance of Mind-A-Stray. Enjoy this short demo CD that is sure to provide almost 20 minutes of joy!

"The One That Got Away"

Why Should Heavy Metal Fans Listen to This Band?

Give this band a chance you will enjoy them for sure! I may be repeating myself a bit but that song Valley of Misery is excellent in spite of the fact that the lyrical theme addresses the feeling of misery. There definitely is no misery that you will get by listening to this band. What you will get is high quality heavy metal.

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© 2017 Ara Vahanian


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