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Former Nickelodeon and HBO Star Qaasim Middleton is One of Many Front Runners this Season on American Idol

Updated on July 22, 2017

Qaasim Middleton, who you may remember as the guitar player on the children's musical comedy series The Naked Brothers Band or the star of the classic television movie special The Music in Me, makes it to the Top 24 on American Idol season 14 in 2015!

Both his parents are musical and he and his family grew up in Brooklyn, New York. (In fact, his mom, actress/singer-songwriter Toni Seawright, was the first African American to win Miss Mississippi).

Qaasim started his acting career in the HBO Emmy Award-winning musical documentary The Music in Me, portraying one of the many musical prodigious children in the TV movie special. He then made a cameo appearance on Jack's Big Music Show—a kids' musical series his younger brother, Khalil, starred in—on Noggin (now called Nick Jr.). This exposure served as the outlet for Thirtysomething actress Polly Draper and her fellow producers to find the perfect guitar player for the Nickelodeon mockumentary series The Naked Brothers Band. That guitar player happened to have been Qaasim, and after watching him dance and sing on Noggin, Draper remarked, "Who is that kid? I want him on my show! He is so animated!"

Draper was the creator, executive producing showrunner and head writer, as well as the director of The Naked Brothers Band, and her musical prodigious sons, Nat and Alex Wolff co-starred alongside their real best friends and bandmates, and wrote and performed all of the original music. In addition, the siblings' father and Draper's award-winning jazz pianist husband Michael Wolff, the former bandleader of The Arsenio Hall Show, portrayed his boys' inept according-playing dad and produced and supervised the series' music, while the brothers' real-life cousin Jesse Draper starred as the group's babysitter. The series' premiere even brought Nickelodeon's highest ratings in seven years, and the viewership ratings continued to flourish throughout its full three seasons which first aired in January 2007 and ended in June 2009.

Catch Qaasim this week on American Idol, and don't forget to vote for him! Judges Keith Urban, Jennifer Lopez, and audition guest judge Adam Lambert approve!


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    • Toni Seawright profile image

      Toni Seawright 3 years ago from New York, New York

      Awesome!!! Thanks so much!!