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Four Weddings -- Canada -- Does It Take Big Money To Win?

Updated on August 5, 2012

That's what I started to wonder. They had a bride, this week, who didn't spend very much on her wedding, and I actually would have picked her wedding as the best wedding, but she didn't win. The one who won was the bride that spent the most money on her wedding. Just a coincidence?

Sabrina 26 is spending $46,000 on her wedding, but you can call her Princess Sabrina. Her mother is helping with the menu. Justin can't wait to have lots of children. Wedding guests will be treated to an Italian feast.

Renee 36 is spending $22,000 on her wedding. She says food will be minimal. She plans to use most of the money on the decor, which will be pink and bling. Renee describes herself as a perfectionist. She'll be wearing a mermaid-style dress.

Jenn 29 is having a thrifty wedding that totals up to $7,000. She bought a thrifty wedding gown online. She and her future husband Mike have been together for 10 years. She's hand making party favors.

Shannon 29 is spending $30,000 on her wedding. She's going to wear a big poufy wedding gown. She's going to have a traditional garter and bouquet toss. There will be an open bar. She'll be serving vodka snow cones and cotton candy at cocktail hour.

Renee's wedding is taking place on a rooftop and the wedding will take place in a gazebo. The guest brides arrive 15 minutes early and no one is there. Because of planes flying overhead and the running fountains, the vows were hard to hear. It was also hard to see what was going on.

The reception was held in a ballroom. The guest brides are starving. There was no food before the reception. They ran out at the cocktail hour which lasted about 20 minutes. The dinner served at the reception was served in very small portions. The waiters were even counting out how many vegetables they put on a plate. Food is good, but not enough of it. They had to fill up on bread. Dessert was the highlight. On the bright side, the decor of pink and bling was great.

Food 5

Venue 7

Dress 9

Sabrina is having a church wedding. Not much decor to even tell a wedding is taking place. Guest brides give from of the dress a thumbs up and back of the dress a thumbs down. The bride and groom say traditional vows, but guest brides couldn't hear what they were saying.

The reception is being held in a banquet hall. Nothing great. Not much decor. Head table has too many ruffles on it. Cocktail hour has a lot of food. The dinner has a good piece of veal, but the past wasn't cooked enough. Food keeps coming.

Venue 8.5

Food 5

Dress 7

Shannon is also having a church wedding. Church and grounds are beautiful. Shannon arrives 30 minutes late. She isn't wearing the dress; the dress is wearing her. It doesn't fit her very well. There's a little boy running around distracting you from listening and watching the vows. Priest telling too many stories. The wedding takes a minute. The wedding mood is missing.

The reception is held in a very run down area of town. The cotton candy and snow cones not very wedding-like. However, banquet hall is decorated beautifully. The food isn't so beautiful. The chicken is awful. Filet Mignon is too well done. However, the dessert is good. The photo booth and dance are highlights.

Venue 5

Food 8.5

Dress 4

Jenn is having a homemade wedding at the Town Hall in a beautiful garden. Guest brides served punch and sushi as they arrive. Not much decor. Weather is perfect for the outdoor wedding. Renee, however, is bothered by bees. Daughter is the flower girl. Dress and veil different shades of white and don't match. Dress too snug fitting. Bridesmaids didn't stand out in their black attire.

The reception hall is small. Live piano music. Two drink specialties. Guest brides touches by homemade party favors at their table and say they'll keep them as a keepsake. The food gets a thumbs down, while the dessert gets a thumbs up.

Food 5

Dress 4.5

Venue 6

And the winner is...

Sabrina 84 pts

Renee 83 pts

Shannon 74 pts

Jenn 62.5 pts.

The honeymoon prize is to the Bahamas.

So Sabrina who spent the most money won, even though they couldn't hear the vows and the food wasn't that good won, and the bride who spent the least ended up in last place even though you could hear her vows and it was held in a beautiful location and they were touched by the homemade keepsakes that Jenn made.

I think from now on, I'm going to keep track to see if the one who spends the most money is the one who always ends up winning.


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