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Four Weddings -- Make That Six Weddings

Updated on July 28, 2012

This week two of the brides will be having two wedding at the same time with two different wedding gowns for each wedding. Will that give them an edge over the two brides who are only having one wedding and one wedding gown? Let's find out.

Since this is the Canada version, they don't seem to mention where each of these brides hails from. If they did I missed it. Today's four brides are Samantha, Heria, Jessica and Rafela.

Samantha is 33 and declares the wedding is about her. She wouldn't let her fiance, David, have any input in the planning of the wedding. She also reveals she bought her wedding gown ten years ago. She saw it and knew she wanted to get married in it. She hates pink.

Heria is 28. She's having a pink and berry color-themed wedding. She actually having two wedding with two different wedding gowns. She says she used a lighting specialist, a Persian night dance and a Afghan buffet.

Jessica is 27 and...wait for it...she hates buffets. She's a professional wedding planner and feels that could give her an edge in the competition. She intends to keep that little fact a secret from the other brides. She and her fiance Neil are mixed-martial arts fans and plan to use that in their reception. She's also having two weddings with two wedding gowns.

Rafela is 29 and she says she doesn't have a budget. Must be nice to be able to not have to watch how much money you spend. She's up to $70,000 so far. Fiance Jeff has no say in anything. Her color theme is charcoal gray with Tiffany blue.

Samantha's wedding is first. She can't wait to put on her wedding gown. Guest brides say it's hot outside and to make matters worse the wedding starts a half hour late. The dress is white with black designs on it. The groom's white suit doesn't match the shade of the wedding gown which is off-white. The best man spends most of the time the wedding is taking place wipe off the grooms sweating bald head. The groom's vows are to sing to his bride.

After the wedding was over, the guest brides stood around not knowing what was supposed to happen next. Also not winning kudos was the cocktail hour was filled with drinks that were non-alcoholic. The choice was a fruity drink or water.

The reception finally opens and Heria feels it's a very small space. She wonders where they'll dance. Also not winning points was Samantha kept almost tripping on the long train on her wedding gown as she danced with her groom. Someone was actually on the dance floor trying to keep the train out of her way so she wouldn't trip, which kind of ruined the romance of the bride's first dance with her groom. The food also had problems. The chicken was pink and under-cooked. There was also a lot of speeches. After the ninth speech the guest brides slipped out to get a breath of fresh air.

Another strike against Samantha is all the guests had to leave the reception so they could make the room ready for dancing. The room was very cramped.

Heria gave the food 4

Rafela gave the dress 6

Jessica gave the venue 6

Next up is Heria's wedding. She's spent $30,000 on her two weddings. The first ceremony is a Afghan wedding ceremony where only the male members of the wedding party are allowed to attend. The guest brides are the only exception to this rule as this sit in the empty reception hall watching the ceremony. Heria is wearing a really gorgeous green wedding gown. The guest brides can't really see the ceremony and the bride and groom don't kiss.

An Afghan group dance is the entertainment. The guests have to line-up to get their dinner. There's a lot of rice and no wine. The only drink there is at their table is water. When a big fly landed on Samantha's food, she wouldn't touch another bite.

The second wedding beings. This time Heria is wearing white. There's a traditional knife dance so they can use the knife to cut the wedding cake. After that the dancing finally started.

Samantha gives the food 5

Rafela gives the dress 7

Jessica gives the venue 6

Next up is Jessica's wedding. It's super hot under the tent the first wedding is held in. Jessica is wear a sari wedding gown. Samantha enjoyed that the bride and groom got to say different wedding vows but also thought the vows should of had some equality to them. At Jessica's Hindu wedding the groom also rode in on a horse.

It's even hotter in the afternoon. The guest brides are miserable in the heat. Samantha preferred the sari wedding gown to the white gown Jessica wears for the second wedding.

There didn't seem to be enough hors d'oeuvres. The guests were fighting for them and the guest brides lost. The reception hall is decorated nicely and the food is delicious.

Samantha gives the dress 8

Rafela gives the food 7

Heria gives the venue 5

Heria thinks her wedding was more meaningful than Jessica's. Mee-oww!

Rafela's is the last wedding. It's a simple church wedding, emphasis on the simple. The church doesn't seem to be even decorated for the wedding. The guest brides are not overly impressed by the church and Heria is not overly impressed by Rafela's dress. Said it looked like Jessica's white wedding gown. Kids kept yelling throughout the ceremony. Heria didn't feel connected to the ceremony.

Making matters worse is there's a three hour siesta between the wedding and the reception. The site for the reception is a long drive from where the wedding was held. Guest brides felt the reception had a banquet hall feel despite the wedding decor. A lot of heavy drinking. A lot of food before dinner. Rice tasted like baby food. However there were a lot of options for dessert.

They had dry ice to create a fog so it looked like the bride and groom were dancing in fog for the first dance. Samba dancers declared as tacky. However, Rafela feels she deserves to win.

Heria gives the dress a 5

Samantha gives the venue 7

Jessica gives the food 5

Finally the brides meet to wait to see which groom steps out of the limo. Jessica reveals she's a professional wedding planner. Did it give her the edge against the other brides?

It appears it did as Jessica wins, despite the insufferable heat the brides had to put up during her wedding ceremonies. She gets an 84.

Coming in second is Heria, which proves that two wedding did give the brides an edge over the brides that only had one wedding. The two brides who had two weddings are the top two. Heria gets a 76,

Rafela is third despite the long siesta and inconvenience between the wedding and reception venues with a 74.5.

Samantha comes in last with 68.

Jessica read where she won the honeymoon to, but for the life of me I couldn't understand where she said she was going. I was actually surprised Samantha came in last. I thought Rafela would since she seemed to have the worst wedding despite spending the most money. The screaming kids and not church not being decorated much for the wedding. The long wait for the reception. I also was surprised Jessica won considering the guests suffered in the heat for her ceremony and there was a fight over the hors d'oeuvres.

Who do I think should of won? No clue, since each bride had something wrong with her wedding.


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