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Four of the Five Couples Have Problems on 'Married at First Sight'

Updated on February 13, 2020
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Margaret Minnicks has been an online writer for many years. She writes about various things, including celebrities and entertainment.

Jessica and Austin are the only one who are getting along well
Jessica and Austin are the only one who are getting along well | Source

The honeymoon is over on Married at First Sight. The five couples have moved into the same apartment complex. In previous seasons, they had to find and pay for their own housing.

Pastor and marriage counselor Calvin Roberson visited all five couples and talked to them about how things are going since their honeymoon. He took his glasses off and shook his head during some of the conversations based on some of the strange things he was hearing.

Mindy and Zach
Mindy and Zach | Source

Zach and Mindy

Zach admitted on at least three occasions that he is not attracted to Mindy. Mindy says even though the marriage with Zach has been a struggle, she still wants it to work. Zach says there he has no chemistry with Mindy. He refused to move in with his wife because he said it would not be healthy for him to do so. He went to his house, and Mindy spent the night alone in the new dwelling.

Zach rationalized that he spent a week with Mindy on their honeymoon and now he wants his space. Pastor Roberson indicates that Zach might not be on the show for the right reason. He told Zach that in order for their marriage to survive, they must live together. Zach says he is not ready to move in with Mindy.

What is it about new husbands not wanting to share space with their wives? Brandon didn't go to the apartment with Taylor either. Michael stayed in a separate room in the hotel in Panama while Meka spent the first night on their honeymoon alone.

Michael and Meka
Michael and Meka | Source

Michael and Meka

Even though there seems to be a breakthrough for Michael and Meka, they have a long way to go for their marriage to survive. Meka has a controlling spirit about her. When she visited Michael's apartment, she criticized his living conditions. For instance, she complained because he doesn't use his cabinets. Instead, he leaves the things he often uses on the counter in easy reach. For instance, he leaves his spatula in a frying pan on the stove instead of putting them both away. Meka went on and on about that among other things.

Both Meka and Michael are on board with about finances and having children. Michael has just got a promotion and is making more money than Meka. She is happy about that because she said she didn't want to have to "drag someone along."

Michael said he wanted to have two children of his own and adopt a third child because he was adopted. Meka was on board with that.

Taylor and Brandon
Taylor and Brandon | Source

Brandon and Taylor

Brandon disappeared at the airport and did not go to the new apartment with Taylor. He did show up later with flowers and a lot of excuses that Pastor Roberson didn't appreciate. Brandon admitted he was wrong and apologized for being rude to the production team and to his wife. He explained that he is a private person and he needed his space, but he said he would do better to make the marriage work.

One would think when Brandon he signed up for Married at First Sight he would know that cameras would follow him and capture what he does. Brandon later moved into the apartment with Taylor.

Katie and Derek
Katie and Derek | Source

Derek and Katie

Up until recently, viewers thought Derek and Katie stood a good chance of having a healthy marriage. During the last episode, fans found out the Katie still has feelings for her ex-boyfriend even though there has been no communication between them since she has been married. She explained that she did not have time to get over him and process the situation before she married Derek. Based on what Katie said, Derek related that he feels like he's competing in his own marriage.

Derek admits that he has never been in love. He thinks he could grow to love Katie in about six months to a year. The expression on Katie's face showed that she didn't like that time frame.

Jessica and Jessica
Jessica and Jessica | Source

Austin and Jessica

Pastor Roberson visited Austin and Jessica and was delighted to find that the couple is making positive strides in their marriage. Austin and Jessica both agreed that they haven't experienced any problems. They are getting to know each other during the few days since they met and married at the altar.

Jessica says Austin makes significantly less money than she does, but she doesn't see that as a problem. Instead, she believes that will not be the case in two to three years when they decide to have children.

Viewers believe Austin and Jessica are the best-matched couple of the season. They have been getting to know each other. So far, viewers are thinking they will decide to stay married on Decision Day. There is much doubt about the other four couples staying together.


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    • Cheryl E Preston profile image

      Cheryl E Preston 

      12 months ago from Roanoke

      That show is crazy.


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