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The Best Works of Frank Darabont, Writer, Producer & Director

Updated on March 28, 2011

Who is Frank Darabont?

Frank Darabont is a talented American film director, screenwriter and producer. He started at the age of 20 with one of his first short film being an adaptation of Stephen King's The Woman in the Room.

There after he became most famous for directing several successful movie adaptations based books by bestselling author Stephen King. The movies include the highly acclaimed The Shawshank Redemption, the science fiction horror movie The Mist and the classic starring Tom Hanks in The Green Mile.

What I love about his movies is the artful development of his characters and the care he takes in weaving very real emotions and believable plot elements through his often flawed heroes.

His recent foray into the TV was a successful one with The Walking Dead already garnering a loyal following. Here's looking forward to more movies and TV series from fantastic Frank Darabont.  

Trailer of "The Walking Dead"

The Walking Dead

I had been dying to watch this TV series "The Walking Dead" (pun intended) because this 6 part series (season one) combines two of my all time favorites. First its about a post apocalyptic world devastated by flesh eating zombies. Second its from my favorite director Mr Frank Darabont.

Having finally watched all 6 episodes at one long sitting I strongly recommend this for fans of zombie movies or long time fans of Frank Darabont.

The longer format of a TV series allows really in depth and unfolding character development and interactions that would not be feasible in a typical zombie film. Seeing the post zombie disaster world events unfold from the eyes of a sheriff that just awoke from a comma is a great move. It allows us to identify with our reluctant hero and see his reactions mirror our own.

So my advice is don't Walk but Run to get your own copy of "The Walking Dead" to watch again and again (that's what I'm doing:> ).

The Mist

The Mist is a science fiction suspense horror that is more then the sum of its parts.

The story starts with a a family experiencing a violent storm, an ordinary supermarket and seemingly close knit community and show us how fragile our assumptions can be. I especially liked the way shows how ordinary people can become more scary than the real monsters in the mist. 

The Shawshank Redemption

For me The Shawshank Redemption is simply the most inspiring movie of all time.

Imagine being imprisoned for a crime that you did not commit. How will any of us react when we are faced we seemingly impossible odds?

The quiet reluctant hero played by the superb Tim Robbins shows us the true meaning of perseverance and courage. He is joined by another of my long time favorite Mr Morgan Freeman as the connected old timer prisoner.

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