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Frank Ocean

Updated on September 1, 2016
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Frank Ocean with his Grammy Award
Frank Ocean with his Grammy Award | Source

About Frank Ocean

Christopher Francis Ocean aka Frank Ocean is a renowned American singer and songwriter as well as a rapper from New Orleans, Louisiana.

In 2005, his hometown was hit by Katrina and everything got destroyed. But he did not stop and decided to move to Los Angeles and continued recording music.

In his early career, he wrote many songs for the famous artists, namely, Beyonce, Justin Bieber, Brandy and John Legend.

Later on, he became the member of hip hop group named Odd Future.

The red and white striped headband wore by him, is his trademark.

The songs written by him mainly talk about longing, love, nostalgia and misgiving.

His first release was a mix tape named Nostalgia, Ultra that received great appreciation and Ocean came into limelight.

Nostalgia, Ultra focus on the matters related to personal reflection, interpersonal relationships and social commentary.

Frank Ocean has also appeared on John Mayer's album named Paradise Valley as a featured artist on a song known as "Wildfire".

At the 2013 BRIT Awards, he was highly appreciated for his work and also won International Male Solo Artist.

Frank Ocean's Nostalgia Ultra

Released on February 16, 2011, the album focuses on Frank Ocean's life after his hometown was hit by Hurricane Katrina and also talk about his relocation to Los Angeles.

Impressed by his mix tape, famous artists such as Beyonce, Kanye West and Jay-Z collaborated with him.

This work of Ocean is inspired by songs from Coldplay, Mr.Hudson, Radiohead, The Eagles and the rock band, MGMT.

The mix tape includes songs, "Strawberry Swings", "Novacane", "Songs For Women", "Dust" and "American Wedding".

Despite of gaining huge popularity, the mix tape also fell into controversies, when Don Henley of the famous band The Eagles threatened Ocean's track and calling it illegal. According to Henley, Ocean took the whole master track including its melody and changed the lyrics to that of his own.

On the other hand, Frank Ocean killed the controversy by saying that he released his work for free and there was no intention of making money out of it, it's only motive was to pay tribute indeed.

Channel Orange [Explicit]
Channel Orange [Explicit]

Frank Ocean's debut studio album that helped him achieve lots of awards and made him Person of the Year.


Frank Ocean's Channel Orange

Channel Orange was Ocean's first studio album, released in 2012 and also became the best album of the year. It helped him receive six Grammy nominations.

The album gave a different direction to R&B genre. It consists of pop-soul, electro-funk, jazz-funk and psychedelic music.

Already famous by his mix tape Nostalgia, Ultra, many artists were curious to work with Frank Ocean for this album.

The songs of this album are known to be quite uncommon and also famous for social commentary and storytelling.

The album was listed at number two in the Billboard 200 and sold more than 130,000 copies in its first week.

Till today, the total count of copies sold of this album is more than 600,000.

He received the GLAAD Media Award in the category of Outstanding Music Artist for Channel Orange. He has also received a Grammy Award for the same album where it was noted as the Best Urban Contemporary Album.

Frank Ocean has been noted as "Person of the Year" and "Man of the Year" several times by different magazines such as Webby and Vibe.

Some of his famous songs of this album are "Thinkin' Bout You", "Sierra Leone", "Sweet Life" and "Super Rich Kids".

Frank Ocean's Boys don't Cry

Ocean started working on this album with Pharell Williams, Danger Mouse and Tyler the Creator in 2013. He also released a song named "Hero" in 2014.

His songs got inspiration from that of The Beach Boys and The Beatles.

The released date of the album changed from time to time and every time, if a date was finalized, it turned out to be inaccurate later on.

Many of Ocean's friends defended him, saying that he is a talented artist and a perfectionist and would never play with his arts. He does not rush and test his work multiple times before finally releasing it.

Though the album is not released yet, he made his another project public which is named "Endless", in 2016. He is also confirmed that Endless is entirely different project than Boys don't cry.

Frank Ocean's visual album "Endless"
Frank Ocean's visual album "Endless" | Source

Frank Ocean's Endless

Endless is yet another concept album by Frank Ocean released in late 2016 that he has also talked about on his site boysdontcry.

Endless includes various musicians, Jonny Greenwood from Radiohead, producer Arca, James Blake, Sampha and Jazmine Sullivan.

A video streamed on Apple stream that was nothing else but the promotion of the album Endless. It is 45 minutes long visual album released on August 19, 2016.

His album "Endless" includes following tracks:

  • Device Control
  • You are Love
  • Rushes To
  • Higgs
  • Slide On Me
  • Sideways
  • In Here Somewhere
  • Florida
  • Death wish
  • Commens Des Garcons
  • Ambience 001: In a Certain Way
  • Ambience 002: Honeybaby
  • Mine
  • Hublots
  • Wither
  • Rushes
  • Alabama

You are Love features The London Contemporary Orchestra.

Florida features James Blake.

Commens Des Garcons features Rita Zebdi.

Mine features Arca.

Hublots and Wither feature Jazmine Sullivan.

Alabama features Sampha as well as Jazmine Sullivan.

Endless Review

Endless is made out of computerized voices and electronic shimmers and also includes storytelling and little conversations.

The musicians, James Blake, Jonny Greenwood and Sampha have quite an impact on the songs of Endless encouraging soulful melody in it.

The album is quite different from today's ongoing pop albums. Each of the songs brings something different with it. If one is a total soulful melody, then another is a complete peppy number.

There is no doubt that Frank Ocean's this work is completely brilliant and aesthetically mixed up. It can also be considered as the ultimate unique piece of work.

According to me, Frank Ocean's Endless deserves at least 8.5 out of 10.

Check out Frank Ocean's album "Blond" originally called as "Boys don't cry" ...


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