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Frank Zappa Concert Review 1980

Updated on December 1, 2012

- Fantastic Guitar Player -

During the mid 1970's a few of my friends would rave about Frank Zappa And The Mothers Of Invention. I don’t think they were impressed with the music, more just the message. This was the 1970's, the only real media outlets was newspaper, radio and TV. By this I mean the two local newspapers, the 4 radio stations, 3 of which were AM, 1 FM and the 4 TV stations you got in this pre-cableTV time. Zappa wasn’t getting any commercial air play, at least not in my general northeast USA market. Then one Sunday night I heard the Doctor Demento radio show, and I heard him play a few Frank Zappa tunes and I was hooked.

I went to the Frank Zappa Concert at the Hartford Civic Center on October 24 1980. His most recent release had been Joe’s Garage; Acts I II & III. As best as I can recall, this 2 hour plus concert had songs that included;Chunga's Revenge, You Are What You Is, Mudd Club, The Meek Shall Inherit Nothing, Cosmik Debris, Keep It Greasey, Tinsel Town Rebellion, The Dangerous Kitchen, Honey Don't You Want A Man Like Me?, Pick Me I'm Clean, Dead Girls Of London, Shall We Take Ourselves Seriously?, City Of Tiny Lights, Easy Meat, I Ain't Got No Heart, The Torture Never Stops, Broken Hearts Are For Aholes, I'm So Cute, Andy, Joe's Garage, Dancin' Fool, I Don't Wanna Get Drafted, Bobby Brown, Ms Pinky, Stick It Out and The Illinois Enema Bandit

Zappa toured with a large band, of course complete with a brass section. What impressed me the most and what you hardly ever hear anyone talk about-is that Frank Zappa was an outstanding guitar player. Ripping into solos, playing consistent riffs or just general jamming, this was a show for the ages ! Overall music quality was loud and excellent. Frank Zappa was a funny guy, but while you listen to his music-be sure to hear those guitar licks-its all Frank !


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    • profile image

      MP Hee 6 years ago

      The late 1980 tour didn't have a horn section, although keyboardist/singer Bob Harris II doubled on trumpet.

      A great FZ tour to collect bootlegs of - simply because Vinnie is on drums, regularly shattering the meter into a dozen pieces and forcing Frank (and bassist Arthur Barrow) into outside territory.

    • Barry Wah Lee profile image

      Barry Wah Lee 8 years ago from Auckland

      I really liked his Album "Weasels Ripped my Flesh" Very creative guitar, excellent as you say.