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Frasier TV Show Trivia

Updated on June 15, 2016

Think you know Frasier TV show trivia? I’ve put together some trivia questions from the TV show Frasier that I think any sitcom fan would be interested in.

You may find some of these trivia questions a little easier than some of the others, but I think you will find all of them to be challenging.

Test yourself and see how you do.


15 correct – You get your own TV show.

11-14 correct – Your radio show is syndicated.

6-10 correct – Carlos & “The Chicken” make you their special project for the month.

0-5 correct – Noel stops by and promises to teach you the Klingon language.

Good luck!

Scroll down for Frasier TV show trivia questions
Scroll down for Frasier TV show trivia questions

Frasier TV Show Trivia Questions

1. What building does Frasier live in?

2. What is Frazier’s apartment number?

3. What make of car did Frasier drive?

4. What is Eddie the dog’s real name?

5. Who was Frasier’s mentor?

6. Who plays Cam Winston, Frasier’s upstairs neighbor?

7. What kind of vehicle does Cam drive?

8. Who played Dr. Mel Karnofsky?

9. Who was the first woman to break Frasier's heart?

10. In the episode where Frasier and Martin play chess, Martin wins every game until Fraiser gets him to play one more game by offering to give Martin something if he (Frasier) loses. What is it?

11. When Frasier is plagued by dreams that he is in bed with Gil, what is tattooed on his arm?

12. Who is Frasier’s first wife?

13. When Sam Malone (Ted Danson) shows up on Frasier, to which actress is he engaged?

14. What are the call letters of Frasier’s radio show?

15. Two different women played Frasier’s mother, one on Cheers and one on Frasier. Can you name them?

Answers To Frasier TV Show Trivia






1. The Elliot Bay Towers, which is a fictional building.

2. Frasier’s apartment number was 1901.

3. BMW

4. Moose, a Jack Russell Terrier.

5. Dr. William Tewksbury played by actor Rene Auberjonois

6. Brian Stokes Mitchell played Cam Winston.

7. Cam drives a Humvee, a source of great aggravation for Frasier as it takes up up too much space in the garage making it difficult for Frasier to get out of his own car.

8. Jane Adams played Dr. Mel Karnofsky who became Niles’ second wife on the show.

9. Ronee Lawrence (played by Wendie Malick) Niles and Frasier's old babysitter.

10. $5,000

11. The tattoo on Frasier’s arm was “Chesty”.

12. Nanette Guzman a/k/a "Nanny G” was Frasier’s first wife.

13. Sheila played by Tea Leoni. Sam breaks off the relationship with Sheila when he finds out that she slept with Cliff Claven from Cheers.

14. KACL 1280 are the call letters and are actually named after the show’s creators, David Angell, Peter Casey, and David Lee.

15. Hester Rose Palmer Crane was played by Nancy Marchand in Cheers and Rita Wilson in Frasier.

Frasier TV Show

Who was your favorite Frasier character?

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    • Juggergnost profile image

      Juggergnost 3 years ago

      Frasier was definitely one of my favorites. Thanks for the kind words!

    • Thomas J McCabe profile image

      Thomas J McCabe 3 years ago from Hartford, Connecticut

      Excellent article. The questions format is fun.

      Frasier is a wonderful show.

    • Juggergnost profile image

      Juggergnost 7 years ago

      The name of the other bar was McGinty's.

    • profile image

      kathy 7 years ago

      What was the name of the other Bar that Marty went to (not Dukes)

    • Dobson profile image

      Dobson 8 years ago from Virginia

      Very nice, I knew several of these when the show was popular, but the particulars fade with time.