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Freak Show Episode 1 Review

Updated on October 13, 2014

Freak Show Opening Credits

Before I Watched...

I've been anticipating this season for months. I absolutely love American Horror Story and I feel like they could have so much fun with this season's theme, which follows one of the last freak shows in Jupiter, Florida. Before the show aired, Ryan Murphy, the show's creator said, that he has created the scariest fictional clown. Some of the people working on the show even had to leave the set when they saw Twisty. Even though I'm terrified of clowns, just knowing that really got me pumped for the show.

Another thing that really got me excited was Sarah Paulson tweeting that she's going to be playing a character or should I say characters that are Siamese twins... Oh god I was so stoked.

With all the teasers and hype about the show, I have to say that my expectations were set pretty high for the first episode.


Bette and Dot: They are definitely my favorites at the moment. I really like the fact that they can communicate telepathically and I also enjoy their very different personalities. It's so fascinating watching them deal with each other. In one scene we found out that Twisty didn't kill their mother, but Bette murdered their mother by stabbing her, because she wouldn't let them go to a concert. Dot stabbed Bette to cover up the murder and said someone broke in and attacked them. Dot is more serious and seems a bit selfish, whereas Bette is a little air headed, naive, and dreamy.

Elsa: Elsa definitely seems like an interesting character at this point in the series. She's very self centered and so caught up in the idea of becoming famous, it's really irritating. But, what I do like about her is how persistent she is. When she really wants something and she sets her mind to it she will achieve whatever she wants. The last scene of the episode really shocked me when she took off her false legs. I really wasn't expecting that.

Jinny Darling: Okay, I would definitely want to be with Lobster boy any day. I love his character so far. He's very flirtatious and is extremely popular with the ladies, because of his special lobster shaped hands. There was one scene where he prostituted himself to a party of women, to please them with his lobster hands. He does seem like a bit of a player, but it's too early in the season for me to label him as anything. I really like how he sees the other freaks as family and how far he'll go for them, for example when he killed that cop for Bette and Dot. Part of me thinks he only killed the cop, because he was being provoked and due to his own issues like his insecurities and his anger towards others for labeling him as a freak. He really can't stand how humans without any natural deformities or oddities ostracize him and call him a monster. He thinks he and his mother should have a better life than just living in a freak show, so he does have his issues. But, I do know that he'd stand for and protect the other members of the freak show.

Twisty: Twisty looks like something that just crawled out of the darkest corners of my nightmares. We don't really know much about him other than his blood lust. Why did he choose to kidnap those people? What are the motives or reasons for his kills? In one of the scenes we see the young boy and the woman that he captured and locked away in his mobile home. I thought it was strange how he did a couple tricks for them and when the tricks failed to amuse the kidnapped guests, Twisty had a breakdown and started throwing objects at them. Is he like this, because of something that happened and scarred his past? All I know is that he's the reason for my sleep deprivation. I can't wait to see more of him in the future episodes.

Concluding Thoughts

I absolutely loved the creepy intro credits with the freaky dolls and puppets. The music was different than the normal AHS intros, but I really liked it. The episode itself didn't really scare me as much as I thought it would, which was a little disappointing for me. But, the first episode is just an intro to the series, this season will probably chill my spine later on. I guess I'd have to say that the scariest things for me were all the Twisty the killer clown scenes. I'm terrified of clowns and Twisty was just horrifying.

The story is set in Jupiter, Florida during the 1950's. I like the year they chose to set the story in, everything was very colorful and retro. I thought that the actual freak show grounds would be a bit more scary, but it just looks run down and old.

I do like most of the characters so far, I think they're definitely unique and interesting, but none of the freaks really wowed me besides Bette and Dot. The guy with the suspenders and shriveled arms seems funny, I wish they had more of him in the episode, but we'll probably get more of him later on. That little Indian girl that fit in the bird cage was adorable, I loved her. The bearded woman is completely brainwashed by Elsa and looks at her as though she's a god. I think the series will get better when more and more freaks start joining the freak show and the show gets more popular.

In general I thought the first episode was overall great, it definitely makes me want to see more of the series. I'd give it a 7/10.

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