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Freak Show Episode 2 Review

Updated on October 16, 2014

Before I watched...

I was really looking forward to watching this. I just really wanted to know what was up with Twisty. Last week's episode filled me with curiosities and questions that I hoped I would get answers to. I think two of my biggest questions were:

1) What's the deal with the mask? Twisty's mask is split from his forehead to just below his nose, so it just reveals his eyes. It's kind of like the exact opposite of the average superhero mask. At the edges of the face opening there is what looks to be like dried up blood or dirt. His whole costume looks old, unwashed, and overused. But, really... What's up with the mask, Twisty?

2) Why did he kidnap those two people? Twisty went on a killing spree, so why didn't he just kill the boy? Also, when he went for his little stroll in the park and he knocked that couple across their heads with his juggling pins, why did he spare the woman? Was it because she tried to run away? Is Twisty just a crazed sadist or does he have a reason for his actions?

After I watched...

Two new freaks joined the family. Dell the strong man and Desiree or as she calls herself, "the full-blown hermaphrodite." I was really shocked when we found out what Ethel's connection to Dell was. Which made me realize he's going to be trouble for the freak show. Dell actually starts trying to take over the show and forces Elsa to do things his way. Elsa realizes after their argument that he's going to be a problem for her and their going to have to do something about him.

Other than his wife, everyone else is really against him. Jimmy gets fed up with how everyone else views freaks and calls them monsters, so he decided that he needs to get people to see them as the normal people that they are. He takes a couple freaks to a diner and asks to be served like a real person. He keeps emphasizing that their just people like everyone else. I thought it was so funny when Paul (Mat Fraser) kept eating the other customer's food after the waitress kept repeating that he can't do that. She even tried to take the food away from him and he slapped her hand away.

What created a bigger scene was when, Dell came into the diner and started lecturing the freaks about how they don't eat in public they have to eat on the camp grounds. When Jimmy started arguing with Dell, Dell dragged him outside and beat him up pretty badly, giving him two black eyes. Oh god I was so pissed off, I knew from the start I wouldn't like Dell.

Later to get rid of him, Jimmy put the dead cop's badge in Dell's room, so that later when the cops came they'd arrest him for murder. But sadly, Dell saw Jimmy going into his tent and moved the badge into Meep's tent (NOOO NOT MEEP!). The cops arrested Meep after finding it and dragged him into their car and took him to prison. Although he really creeped me out, I couldn't stand to see him in jail, he was so scared and surrounded by horrible people who just wanted to hurt him. He didn't really deserve that. Meep's arrest filled Jimmy with guilt which made him feel the need to get wasted.

Towards the end of the episode drunk Jimmy stormed outside followed by Ethel and they saw a truck race by and throw a large sack in front of them. When Jimmy opened it, he found Meep's beat up dead body. Jimmy broke down and then the episode ended. MY heart was hurting for both Jimmy and Meep.

Following Twisty

In the episode following Twisty's parts, there has been more talk in the news about the missing boy and the murders. I think the scene that creeped me out the most was when Twisty was hiding between two clown statues waiting to kill the man delivering the owner of the toy store coffee. Seeing Twisty in the toy shop next to the two statues, yeah that's going to give me nightmares.

Twisty went back to his home, where he kept the boy and the woman. What I find strange is Twisty's desire to entertain the boy. He brought the boy a robot, and when that didn't seem to amuse him, he gave him a severed head. When he reveals the head the woman smacks him across the face with a plank of wood and knocks off his mask revealing his deformed mouth. (Oh. So, that's why he wears the mouth, huh.)

I think something in his past must have been related to children, because children seem to have an impact for Twisty. I say this also, because when Dandy's mother drove near him on the road he stopped and listened when she started talking about how her boy needs cheering up.

Twisty's definitely the most interesting character right now. I want to know about his past so badly!

Interesting Scenes

Dot Sings!

After Jimmy told her that she should try singing instead of Bette we got to hear her lovely voice. Bette was a bit jealous that all the attention was brought on Dot which made her feel insecure, but their performance was so cool! I would definitely go to their concert!

Twisty and Dandy

Dandy's mother brought Twisty the clown home for Dandy to play with (Oh no...). The scene was cut right after Dandy starts inspecting Twisty and his mother leaves them alone. I was actually kind of hoping that Dandy would die. He bothers me so much I think they should just kill him off already. But, no. Dandy actually starts putting on a puppet show for Twisty and tries to play with him. Twisty goes along with whatever Dandy wants until Dandy starts looking in his bag and Twisty knocks him on the head with a juggling pin. He doesn't even knock him that badly, because Dandy just sat right up after Twisty leaves.

Dandy follows Twisty back to his house and at this point I think even Twisty is annoyed with him. But, Twisty's prisoners try to escape and Dandy drags the woman back to Twisty even though she tells him that Twisty's crazy and he'll kill them.

Dandy and Jimmy

Dandy goes to the freak show and tries to join them. He tells Jimmy that even though he has no oddities on the inside he's just like them. Jimmy gets irritated and tells Dandy to scram and go back home to his mansion and thank God for everything he's blessed with. I love this scene, because FINALLY someone's putting that boy in his place. He's such a brat.

Elsa and Bette

Towards the end of the episode Elsa tells Bette that Dot only wants her to feel inferior and that everyone knows Bette is the real star. She gives Bette a knife and tells her to handle the problem. I swear if Bette does anything to Dot I will personally walk over to that freak show and slap some sense into her. I wish they didn't cut the scene so I could find out what happens next/


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