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Freak Show Episode 3 Review

Updated on October 23, 2014

Before I watched...

I really wanted to see more of Twisty and Dandy in this episode. Why does Twisty accept that sociopath? Is it because he brought back the girl when she tried to run away? Dandy only does these things because he gets easily bored. I think Dandy might be as bad as Twisty or even worse than that demented clown. Dandy honestly scares me. I feel like he's just going to get worse as the series progresses. In the beginning I didn't expect much from his character. I thought he was just going to be a random spectator in the audience, but no, that didn't happen.

Some characters I'm looking forwards to meeting are Maggie Esmeralda the fortune teller, and Edward Mordrake the man with the demon half face.

After I watched...

There is a superstition that is feared by all the freaks about Edward Mordrake, the man with the demon half face. Legend has it that the young Edward had another face on the back of his head that would whisper terrible things to him. Edward tried killing it in several different ways until he finally realized that he just can't get rid of it. One day after joining the freak show, he killed all the other freaks and then hung himself. But, when they found his body they also found the face on the back of his head smiling. The freaks say that if anyone performs on Halloween, they summon the spirit of Edward Mordrake and he will take on freak back with him to hell. So, nobody really performs on Halloween.

Towards the beginning of the episode Ethel saw a doctor who told her she only had six months to a year left to her life. She started crying and said that she was only crying, because the doctor was the first doctor ever to treat her like a normal human being. At this moment, I already started feeling for Ethel, but later on we learn more about her past, which really gets to you.

Esmeralda makes an appearance and, ugh, Jimmy is totally infatuated with her. He took her to see Elsa and as soon as Esmeralda stepped in the room I had this bad feeling about her. She read Elsa's fortune by looking into a crystal ball. Before she did, she looked around the room and tied in the music sheets and obvious desires of Elsa's into the fortune. This made me think oh wow she's just a fake, but at the end of her fortune she told Elsa that a striking man with piercing eyes is going to help her get her fame...

Later on Bette and Dot are about to rehearse, but Elsa tells them to get off the stage so she can take over. She starts singing Lana Del Rey's Gods and Monsters (Oh my god!) That performance was definitely the height of the episode for me. But, at the end of her performance the summoned Edward Mordrake appears to watch her sing. So, is Maggie Esmeralda a real fortune teller? Or is this just a coincidence? Questions, questions...

What disturbed me the most in the episode was Maggie Esmeralda's phone call to a mysterious man in a room with a prostitute dressed as a viking on the other line. The man asked her if it worked and if they hired her. She said yes and then talked about how being in the freak show really creeped her out. The man began asking questions about the freaks and then said that he wants to kill them so that he could preserve and display their bodies. Wow, I didn't see that coming. Gross.

During the episode we learn more about Ethel's screwed up, tragic past. Edward Mordrake visits her and asks her some questions before he takes her to join his army of freaks in hell. She tells him these stories of her past where she met Dell and pretty much ever since she met him her life has been going downhill. He changed up her performance and made her recite Shakespeare to rich folk, where she became a laugh and they started losing money. Then she revealed the darkest corner of her past. When Ethel and Dell were all out of money and she was pregnant with Jimmy, Dell decided to make the birth of her son a show. "Watch the birth of a freak!" He offered to let them hold Jimmy for money. Not only is that degrading having your time in labor become a paying attraction, but poor Jimmy was solicited since birth. We really find out how terrible Dell truly is.

Before the episode ended Edward Mordrake decided that Ethel was not the one that he wanted to drag into hell and he had to keep looking for a different freak.

The episode is to be continued.

Interesting Scenes

Bette and Dot's dream: This weirded me out. So, I guess Bette and Dot share dreams? That's honestly pretty cool. But, who controls the dreams? Their dream was about Dot getting rid of Bette through surgery so that she could be a normal person. When they woke up, Bette was crying saying that it was a nightmare and she could never do that, because one of them would have to die. Dot responded by saying she wants to get money to do the surgery because one of them would have a chance at a normal life. Even though I find Bette irritating at times, I liked her more than Dot at this moment.

Maggie Esmeralda's Arrival: She got out of her taxi and told Jimmy that she's not a visitor she wants to join the show. She's a fortune teller who came all the way from Philly to join them. Jimmy was obviously easily infatuated by her and took her to see Elsa so that she could join them. Bette and Dot bumped into them and she told them she would give them a fortune for free. Dot responded by saying, "I bet that's not the only thing you give for free." Oh snap.

Dandy and the Maid: Dandy is probably the biggest freak in the whole series. After throwing a tantrum about how much he disliked his Halloween costume, made a clown costume. He is getting too influenced by Twisty. He grabs a knife and goes after the maid trying to threaten her. She doesn't back down and tells him, "I dare you to kill me." She kept taunting him and finally he put the knife down and said, "I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!" Don't taunt the boy, if he keeps hanging around that clown he really will start killing!

Dandy and Twisty's "Pets": Dandy, dressed as a clown, goes into Twisty's home and starts taunting Twisty's human captives. Twisty is pretty messed up, he brings them a severed head and throws things at them, but he never threatens them with knives. I think Twisty just needs attention, he treats them as pets, whereas Dandy just wants to bother them for fun. Twisty brings back another male victim shortly after which makes Dandy get excited. "More fun!" He yells. And goes to help Twisty bring the new victim inside.

The Real Edward Mordrake

After episode three aired, twitter fans have been going at it saying that AHS stole the idea of the face on the back of the head from Rowling's Harry Potter. In one of the movies Professor Quirrell took off his scarf and revealed Lord Voldemort's face on the back of his head who like Edward Mordrake's story whispered dark things to him.

But, did AHS rip off Rowling's Harry Potter idea? No! The tale of Edward Mordrake is real! Mordrake was a real person who in his early twenties committed suicide, because of the face on the back of his skull supposedly whispering dark secrets to him. Rowling probably took inspiration for her story from the character. So, AHS is not ripping off Harry Potter the show is actually, like many of the characters in the show creating characters based on real people and legends.


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