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Freak Show Episode 4 Review

Updated on October 31, 2014

Before I watched...

I was really interested in seeing more of Maggie Esmeralda the most. Her character really intrigues me. When she made that phone call to the mysterious dirty looking man with the gay viking prostitute I was really shocked. They want to kill the freaks and display them in some sort of museum? That's just disturbing. She's going to cause trouble.

I also wanted to see who Edward Mordrake is going to take with him back to hell. It's not going to be Ethel, so who will it be? Maybe Elsa since she summoned him?

Twisty and Dandy are working together now... I think Dandy is the most terrifying character in the whole show. If he continues to look up to Twisty and follow him around like he does then he's going to start acting more and more like him. I feel like Dandy is going to start killing people and he's going to do it for pure entertainment. Twisty, I think has more of a reason or purpose behind his kills, we just don't know what is is yet, but hopefully we'll find out soon.

After I watched...

WOW this was an interesting episode...

Edward Mordrake visits Elsa and asks her to tell him about her dark secrets. She tells him that in order to make extra money she used to work in sex clubs as pretty much the ultimate BDSM expert. She never let her customers touch her, she just inflicted the pain, and because of this she got really popular. In one of her sessions, this group of men wanted to video tape her, so she laid on a bed and let them tie her down. They gave her a drink and she didn't think much of it, until she realized they drugged her. One of the men put a mask on and grabbed a chainsaw then proceeded to cut her legs off. They videotaped the whole thing and when they were done they left her there to die. That's the reason why she doesn't have any legs... I always thought she was just born that way. Wow I didn't expect that. I think that was one of the biggest shocks of the entire episode. One of her followers found her and got her some help, so luckily she's alive. The men who hurt her sold the tape and she became a star. Edward Mordrake decided that she was the one he wanted to bring back to hell and she accepted it. She was ready to go with him, but he heard the faint sound of a toy piano and wanted to see what it was, so he left her.

Jimmy and Maggie Esmeralda were arguing about walking home in the dark, because of the new set curfew, but they stopped and froze when they saw Twisty running after the girl who tried to escape again. Twisty knocked her out and carried her back into the darkness. Jimmy told Maggie Esmeralda that he was going to go help her and went after Twisty. Mag decided that she will go follow as well. When they saw Twisty's camp they kept a low profile and stayed hidden until Dandy found them. Twisty and Dandy held them captive and made them watch as Dandy began to saw the girl who tried to escape in half. Before he could cut her Jimmy knocked him in the back of the head and helped the girl escape. He told everyone to run away while he held off Twisty. Twisty then captured him and threw him in his mobile home and Dandy ran after the others. Mag led the others to the main road to escape and call the police. Dandy tripped over a branch and screamed, "I hate you! I hate you! I hate you! I hate you!..." at Mag, but they got away.

Edward Mordrake realized the noise was coming from Twisty's camp and began to talk to Twisty and ask him about his past. Here we go... Twisty was a normal clown once with a nice costume and no physical deformities, who was loved by all the children. He used to make them balloons and play with them. But, the freaks in the show got jealous and started spreading rumors about Twisty touching the children inappropriately and taking advantage of them. Twisty got really depressed and ran away from the circus, but because of the rumors nobody else would hire him as a clown. He was mainly upset that people viewed him as a bad person rather than the good children-loving person that he really was. He went into the forest where he lived in his mobile home and made toys out of scraps for the children. He tried to sell them to toy stores, but nobody would take them. Whenever someone accused Twisty of taking advantage of the children he'd get really offended and blow up. One day he got really depressed and tried to kill himself by sticking a gun in his mouth and committing suicide. But, his attempt at taking his life failed and he just blew up his mouth. He then realized what he had to do, he had to save the kids from the bad freaks and make them happy. This is the reason for his kills, he has been killing parents to let them have more freedom, he kidnaps the children to save them and brings them toys to make them happy. Although, his actions are messed up, he only does what he does to make the children happy.

Edward Mordrake realized that Twisty was the one he wanted to drag back to hell and took Twisty's life. (He just killed Twisty? I thought Twisty was the main antagonist? What?!) Mordrake healed Twisty's face and disappeared with him into the night. Jimmy escaped when he realized Twisty was dead. Dandy went back to Twisty's body and felt no emotion except excitement when he got to take and put on Twisty's mask. (Oh god... Dandy is the new Twisty.)

Dandy returned home wearing the mask and killed his maid. He actually kills the maid this time, and when he does he gets so happy as if he's accomplished something.

Mag appears with the police the following morning to the scene of the crime where the police are thanking and praising Jimmy. Jimmy threatens one of the officers, because of Meep's death and they return to the freak show camp grounds on Jimmy's bike. After they tell Elsa that the curfew has been lifted and why, a group of townsfolk appear to give their thanks to Jimmy. One man shakes Jimmy's hand and gives him home made brownies. Jimmy smiles and gets really happy. Mag kisses him on the cheek and praises him. At this moment I'm thinking, is she still going to go through with her plan? Or has she realized that the freaks are people too. She seems pretty friendly with Jimmy, but is that all just an act?

Extra Comments...

I was kind of upset that we didn't get to see much of Bette and Dot. They probably appeared in the show only once or twice for a split of a second.

Edward Mordrake visits a couple of the other freaks, and we get to learn a bit more about them which was pretty interesting.

In the previews for the next episode the man that Mag has been talking to on the phone appears as a "talent agent" and even though they have a sold out show Elsa decides to give him a ticket. Is he really going to try to kill some freaks? Is Mag really going to let him?

I still can't believe they killed off Twisty in this episode. But, I'm really looking forward to seeing what that little sadist, Dandy is going to do in next week's episode.


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