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Freddy Versus Jason ,What Team Are You On?

Updated on December 1, 2010

The Horror Battle Begins

PennyWise the clown
PennyWise the clown
Michael Myers
Michael Myers
Jason Voorhies
Jason Voorhies

Would this be great to see

   This hub is in response to a previous of mine about horror movie favorites,its a unique idea so if you like it let me know. Freddy and Jason have already been up against eachother and well it was just lets say okay. The idea of Freddy and Jason teaming up against Michael Myers and the supernatural clown Pennywise from the movie "IT" would simply be great.

Lets break down the characters to list their strengths and weakness

Fred Krueger : a child murdered,burned and lynched by a mob of angry parents. His soul went to hell,he was able to seek revenge and continue murdering the children of elm street through dreams. He was able to transform himself into any character in a dream to get at his victims,plus he had a great sense of psychotic humor.

Jason Voorhies:  He drowned as a boy but came back as a grown man able to use weapons to kill his victims but is limited to crystal lake camp. Plus he has this really cool mask when pieced together with the fact that he never says anything, moves very slowly but somehow catches his victims everytime this makes him a perfect match to be on Freddys team.

PennyWise: He is some sort of supernatural force that also feeds on children and fear. He can be a clown one minute and your father the next minute,his powers are very similar to Freddys. He's been around for centuries,he was killed but came back once so who is to say he cant do it again? Freddy would hate him with a passion.

Michael Myers: He is another mask toting psycho who started killing as a child. He has no soul and he's just as dangerous as Jason,probably the same height as Jason,with the same strength,plus he moves so slow that he and Jason could have been brothers from hell.

The weakness

Freddys weakness seems to come from not being able to put fear in someone and not having the souls of the murdered children,I mean they already tried burning him,staking him,and he's been cut up so many times.

Jasons weakness is that he is afraid of water,but i dont know if that should even qualify as a weakness, I mean I have seen him walking around the camp in the rain.

Penny Wise the clowns weakness is also the fear of not being feared,yeah he seems so tough but underneath he's a supernatural punk.

Michael Myers does not seem to have a weakness except the fact that he keeps failing to kill his sister,so he would be a tough character to beat because he has come back everytime as well.

      So now you see how similar the characters are which is why I paired them up the way I did to make it a fair fight,but now we need a story. So lets just say that Freddy and Jason make a pact in hell that they will escape the boundaries of hell and seek vengeance on the world,Jason is no longer limited to crystal lake. But what if after Freddy and Jason escaope hell together the devil seeks revenge,he wants them back by any means so he releases Pennywise and Michael Myers to get the job done. Pennywise and Michael are sort of the devils bounty hunters. Throughout the story we have more than enough killing to make three horror films from one,but along the way we see the pairs developing friendships with eachother,but secretly all are planning on taking eachother out when the job is finished so that they can rule the world of horror. The plan is that each harbors a inside power granted by the devil from which the devil cannot take back,killing each other would release all the power into the last one standing but nobody knows this secret but the devil himself who can in fact have hell taken away from him if only one remains with the power. The devil just wants the return of all four so he is using the two to bring back the others but he doesnt want that exchange of power which they all will eventually learn about.

I know the plot sounds crazy but I have many more as I do this when I have free time to have fun....let me know what you think of this one


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    • profile image

      gaige ziegler 5 years ago

      Michael and Jason should team up on Freddy because Freddy tried killing Jason and Michael and Jason are like brothers from hell.

    • profile image

      jkfiedh 5 years ago

      ill pick freddy krurger freddy krueger is cooler

      he will kick michael ass ass no way jason why did

      jason won

      just from the woman and men

      woman and men help . help him .

    • VendettaVixen profile image

      VendettaVixen 5 years ago from Ireland

      Mmm, nope. Can't choose. I'm a big fan of all of the above murderous psychopaths, so I'd be hoping for them to become best friends.

      Instead of focusing on their differences, they could get together and discuss their love of scaring the bejesus out of children everywhere.

      It could happen.

    • profile image

      Axel Pindragon 5 years ago

      I'd love to see this battle produsers if you ever see this page make it happen

    • profile image

      justin 7 years ago

      Freddy. And jason. Should. Teamup against