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Free LEGAL Music to Download from Amazon

Updated on August 22, 2011

Free Music from Amazon

Did you know that you can actually get free legal music to download and free MP3's and the best part is that it is NOT illegal and is LEGAL MUSIC TO DOWNLOAD FOR FREE. Did you know that you can stop pirating at dodgy torrent sites, stop getting viruses and fake versions of songs and stop doing something illegal.

I am going to show you some free music to download from and also tell you how to get other music for free and the key word is LEGALLY! Just because something is free does not mean it is automatically illegal.

Go on - be good, stay within the law, help musicians and singers and read on and if you like this article share it with your friends!

Free MP3's from Amazon

Did you that Amazon has free music to download - so why not just go ahead and download it now - if you don't like it you can always delete it and remember this is legal music.

There are some really good free songs and albums here and why most of is not top top stuff you may find a new band you like and I guarantee you will like at least one of these free albums and what have you got to lose - money - NO!

In this selection you will find music by Beyonce and more!

Free Music - Download it NOW While it is Still Free!

Itunes Single of the Week

Yes, every single week Itunes features a track from an up and coming artist and lets you download it for free, legally. You may be thinking why? The answer is, that these artists want publicity, people to hear their songs, buy other songs and albums and recommend it! Itunes do it because it makes them look good and you download it because it is FREE!

Everyone's a winner!

Music Company Trials

There are plenty of companies willing to get people to sign up and find out about how good their service is and in return you can get many free songs to download often over 50 from each company!

Free Music!

So there are you, 3 different ways to get some free music LEGALLY and I have not even mentioned checking out artists websites and also borrowing CD's from friends and putting them on your computer- I think that is technically illegal but there is nothing wrong with it - as long as you don't do it often and is much better than piracy.

Make sure you download the Amazon and Itunes ones regularly as they often disappear and I hope you found this useful - please share it with your friends!

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