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Free Music from the New National Jukebox Library Download

Updated on June 1, 2011
The collection of 78 rpm records that had to be digitalized.
The collection of 78 rpm records that had to be digitalized.

Digitizing 10,000 78 rpm records was a long a painstaking process undertaken by the technicians at the Library of Congress's Packard Campus but their efforts have make recorded history available to the world through America's new National Jukebox.

The Library of Congress National Jukebox is a collaborative project of several organizations and even individual record collectors.  Initially the project began in 2008 when Sony Music granted the Library of Congress an gratis license to stream over the internet all of the pre-1925 recordings in their catalog, including those of the Victor, Columbia and Okeh labels.

Other contributors include the University of California's Department of Special Collections, EMI Music and record collectors David Giovannoni and Mark Lynch who contributed more than 800 rare and very early Victor recordings to the National Jukebox project.  More contributors are expected to add to the collection in the future now that the project has gone live.

Classic Recordings

Homer Rodeheaver (18801955) was a trombone-playing, baritone-voiced evangelist who served as music director for the preacher Billy Sunday.
Homer Rodeheaver (18801955) was a trombone-playing, baritone-voiced evangelist who served as music director for the preacher Billy Sunday.
Make a playlist and listen to your selections.
Make a playlist and listen to your selections.

What's Available?

You can browse the collection by artist, genre, jukebox day for day, playlists of the recordings or through the Victrola book of the Opera. Music greats such as opera Singer Enrico Caruso, Broadway legend Al Jolson, whistling virtuoso Charles Kellogg, composer and band leader John Philip Sousa, and thousands of other artists on the National Jukebox.

An example of some of the playlists include "Tin Pan Alley", "The Fox Trot" and "Songs by Irving Berlin". The public can also submit playlists to the National Jukebox.

All music can be listened to via the playlist.  You can't download your selections, only play them while on the National Jukebox site.  Similar to using a real jukebox.

Offensive Content Alert: Warning. The National Jukebox contains historic recordings that reflect the culture of an earlier era. Some of these recordings may be offensive.

Free Music

Although you can't download MP3s from the National Jukebox, the Library of Congress does have a lot of free music available on Itunes. If you follow this link, you'll come to the Library of Congress's page on Itunes where you can download free MP3s of historic recordings from the Library of Congress's collection including Civil War Sheet Music,

Its not all music from 100 years ago. The collection includes concerts by Stevie Wonder, Dave Brubeck and other living artists. There are also videos from the National Book Festival and the Hidden Treasures of the Library of Congress which features video on items in the collection. All for free thanks to the USA national treasure which is the Library of Congress.

The opening of the National Jukebox

More Free Music To Come

The plan is to add new recordings to the National Jukebox every month. In the coming months the Library will be digitizing recordings from additional record labels, including Columbia and Okeh, along with selected master recordings from the Library of Congress Universal Music Group Collection.  Some of what's to come includes a collection of early Victor discs from National Jukebox partners David Giovannoni and Mark Lynch, more selections from the 1919 edition of the Victor Book of the Opera and thousands more Victrola 78s from the collections of the University of California, Santa Barbara.


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    • profile image

      peanutroaster 6 years ago

      What are you trying to do? Albums to MP3?

    • platinumOwl4 profile image

      platinumOwl4 6 years ago

      Is anyone familiar with the this process? Changing from an analog file to a digital one,

    • peanutroaster profile image

      peanutroaster 6 years ago from New England

      Thanks Eiddwen, enjoy the free tunes!

    • Eiddwen profile image

      Eiddwen 6 years ago from Wales

      Very interesting hub. I look forward to reading many more from you.

      Take care