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Animation Creation Comparison

Updated on March 18, 2018

Crazy Talk

Crazy talk is able to import an image such as your dog and make it talk. It's fun and easy to start. Compared to Blender or K3D which is very hard to learn, Crazy talk makes it easy to create your own characters.


Xtranormal is very easy to learn that uses text to voice animation but the computer generated voices in different accents and languages are not natural and therefore hard to understand. You will outgrow Xtranormal in a day or so because cannot make more than one character talk at a time while the other one just stands there stupidly. The pauses, sounds, background music and hand movements can be inserted but the facial expression are very minimal.

In very short time you can make free computer animated movies. I made a couple of free movies but the animation, speech and sounds are stilted and stiff. It was fun to do but it's only good as a learning tool before going on to a more complicated animation editor.

I did three videos, the first was a funny skit based on 'Blazing Saddles', the second video was made for my Midas hub but the character couldn't say 'Midas' correctly and so I changed the text to speech to 'My Das', which doesn't sound very good either.

The video below is my last one using Xtranormal because I was already at the limits of Xtranormal capabilities in a few days.

'The Graduate" Mrs. Robinson, Prowling Cougar

Screenshots from Go!Animate video

Self-portrait of free custom character made with Go! Animate!
Self-portrait of free custom character made with Go! Animate!


GoAnimate is a much better animation creator and is also more complicated with camera moves and transitions, more natural talking in the text to voice feature.

Go!Animate gives you one free custom character and I did a self portrait which came out pretty fugly. Watch my 6 second video as my first try. It took quite awhile to figure out camera movement and zoom which was all I could learn in the two hours of learning Go!Animate.

But then after awhile it was much easier. I figured how how to select each element, and the movements but still have a crazy time with the "add a control point". Good thing the elements was a beer fairy and stupid cupid.

The trick is to have all the elements pick out in the first scene. They don't have to be in the scene but just out of camera shot. Plan your animation for each element before adding the next scene. If forget about something and already have ten panels then if go back to the first panel with some action, the following panels will not have the action of the first panel.

Draw a story board on paper to avoid this. I forgot about the cat so I made this mistake. That's why it's just roaming around at the bottom of the frame with just it's tail showing.


Blender is a totally free software program with a lot of features and is not very intuitive. I tried blender years ago but is still around. It took me an hour to figure out all the special movements with the mouse to turn. I spent hours and hours on Blender and all I have to show for it is this lousy 2 second video of a ball. I couldn't figure how to manipulate the camera views, and the dozens of commands that could be done with keyboard, & mouse. My tunnel carpel syndrome stopped me from trying Blender any further.

K3D is like "Blender-lite" and it is not as hard to use as Blender. Although has information there is no tutor for the noob. It would take quite some time to learn how from the video to even move the viewpoint around and the problem is that I don't have a 3-button mouse. "LMB (Left Mouse Button) is used for selection, the MMB (Middle Mouse Button) for navigation, and the RMB (Right Mouse Button) for additional navigation and accessing context menus in the Viewport." -


Spore: Not Free, but demo is

Spore is fantastic. Very high quality creature creations are used for high dollar productions. I tried Spore when it first was introduced with a free demo of making your own creature with a few canned movements and sounds. You build the creature a lot easier and more biologically looking than Blender but it still takes a very long time to build a creature from scratch. I didn't build my own creature because I knew it would have taken me at least two weeks to make a decent single one. I went online and a phenomenon called Sporn is prevalent. Basically teenagers have graduated from penciling penis scribbles on the margins of school notebook paper to a creature creator Spore to make Sporn. I find it hilarious and I think you will find it as funny, odd and strange as I. It could be a glimpse of some bizarre future when impossible plastic surgery and DNA manipulation goes beyond any survivability of the species.

The video below is the best ever of Spore creature uploaded by Paradigm Of Evolution on May 2, 2010. where it is described the "The Future is Wild is a 2003 documentary about the future of life on Earth 5, 100, and 200 million years into the future. It was made by a team of scientists from around the world."

The Future is Wild Spore

Movie Maker versus Avidmux

Two Free Video Editors Comparison for Windows

This is a comparison between two truly free video editing software without paying any money, Microsoft's Movie Maker versus avidmux.

There are many different choices in video editing software - for a cost. ArcSoft Video Impression is no longer distributed but ArcSoft's video editing software is $100. Video Edit Magic sells for $70 where you can pan a still, zoom and use slow motion but is hard to fine tune the trim process precisely. AVS video editor allows you to download for free but puts a logo in the middle of the screen until registration for $60

Avidmux is a free open source video editor that is far superior to the very limited Movie Maker. One of the most annoying 'features' of Movie Maker is the inability to put video effects on only part of the video clip Selection is for the whole clip - unless break up the clip, save it under two different names and then add video back onto the time line.

Movie Maker does not support AVI format without a lot of overhead and larger files sizes. Although AVI is older and can considered 'obsolete' compared to MOV and WMV formats, AVI videos can be played by most video players. Avidmux exports files formats in AVI, FLV, MPEG, MJPEG, OGM, MP4 and cannot import WMV format.

For more free video editor reviews click here.
For tutorial on avidmux click here

Movie Maker vs Avidmux Part 2

Slow motion, Fast motion, Frames Per Second

Avidmux is an opensource multi-platorm video editor. I was not satisfied with Avidmux because it is difficult to take an hour sunset and squash it down to 33 seconds. To take a 60 minute video down to 33 seconds the how to instruction are as follows.

1.Import video, leave in default video COPY mode
2. Go to VIDEO > FRAME RATE and change frame rate to the maximum which is 199 frames per second. Save the video.
3. Open saved 200 fps video. Change video from COPY mode to MPEG-4 ASP (Xvid).
4.Go to VIDEO > FILTERS > RESAMPLE FPS and click green button to add. Check BLEND and change NEW FRAME RATE to 15
5. Save video.
6. Repeat above steps on 4 minute sunset except change step number 3 from 200fps to a lower fps such as 120 fps.

Also can import external audio but it didn't work on my my operating system Windows XP.

I took my 33 second sunset that I made with Avidmux and tried opening it up in Windows Movie Maker. Although under the drop down menu 'tools' general tab I checked 'download codecs automatically' - the video editor generated an error. My General Imaging digital camera X5 records in .mov format. So I tried AVS Video Converter and converted to AVI or MPEG neither worked with Movie Maker. I tried download my codecs on my own - and I couldn't even run Movie Maker anymore.
So I couldn't use my my own music. To upload onto youtube without errors in processing then make sure to convert the video by selecting 'Auto' and chose 'Apple Ipod'. I like the feature of being able to choose the ratio of the original audio track and music track volume online at YouTube - a feature that neither Movie Maker nor Avidmux has.

In comparison of free video editors for linux, I like Avidmux over Cinelerra.

Sunset over Sierra Vista 1 hour in 33 seconds

In Avidmux I mixed three differents video. iThere are two different speed,s 2 at 15 fps and one at 30fps. I did not use the filter RESAMPLE FPS and blend mode and that's why the video has different speeds in a single encoding.

You can see the speeded up and slowed down parts of the next video. The video was encoded in 25 fps and I like the slow lanquid motion of a small dog that has been slowed down from 30 fps to 25 fps because it makes it look like a larger dog.

Sort of the same thing from the old 1950s slowing down lizards to make them look large in an old black and white sci-fi film.

Sped Up & Slowed Down

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Spook Sped Up Mountain Fog

Before & after using filter on avidmux

Free Video Editor Comparison Ubuntu OpenShot VS Lombard Video Editor


OpenShot is a video editor for beginners who want a simple video editor with easy transitions and video effects. The interface takes a little getting used to because there are no start/end markers to cut videos. OpenShot can't cut from inside a single movie clip and only edits the beginning and ending of movie clips.

Tried to export video in a 384x288 4:3 PAL MOV (mpeg4), format but then a 'missing libmp3lame' error message happened. The error persisted even though I had installed all the libmp3lame files within the Ubuntu Software Center.

libmp3lame missing

By choosing the YouTube formatting for uploading onto the net, all guesswork is taken out of the equation as to which format YouTube likes best in uploaded videos which is VGA NTSC. Can change the quality from low, medium and high before saving, (exporting) video

OpenShot much easier to use than Cinelerra

In a comparison with Cinelerra in changing the speed of the movie, Openshot wins hands down. From the easy help menu of OpenShot the instructions are easy how-tos;

"To launch the clip properties screen, right-click on a clip and choose Properties"

In simple mode, predefined values are given in predefined speeds and the advanced tab speeds are set in high-precision speed decimal.

The only problem with OpenShot, is when rendering a slo-movie movie clip it simply lowers the fps giving it a stopt/start effect. Cinelerra eliminates that jerky effect with 'blend' so if want to have a smooth slow motion then use Cinelerra even though it's harder to use.

Slow Motion OpenShot 1/12 speed

Don't even try Lombard

Lombard unable to import mov, (mpeg4) video clips but can import mov clips from my camera - why? The video from my camera is a 320x240 15 fps mono audio at a 11025 Hz sample rate with the codecs of JPEG still images. When I look up the properties of the video clip made in OpenShot there was zero information for the Audio/Video properties.

Unlinke OpenShot I can 'zoom in' on the time line for finer edits - just too bad that I was unable to edit at all. Testing the export video feature, the only format that Lombard saves is the OGG format. This is not the greatest format to save videos because the format Ogg wiki says; "Since 2007, the Xiph.Org Foundation recommends that .ogg only be used for Ogg Vorbis audio files."

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Arts Video Editing Equipment and Software Domestic

Cinelerra: A Video Editor For Linux

How to Fix Wrong Color Tutorial Introduction

For your first rendering of your masterpiece the movie looked and sounded just the way you wanted in the preview of Cinelerra: Compositor but came out all the wrong colors using the default settings.

How to Fix Color

Step 1.

Go to Settings > Format . A pop up window called Cinelerra: Set Format is displayed. On that window change the Interlace mode to "Not Interlaced"then click OK to apply and exit. the window.

Step 2.

Go to Files > Render and the pop up called Cinelerra: Render is displayed.
A: Red check mark the "Render Audio Tracks" and "Render Video Tracks".
B: Click onto the symbol of the wrench to configure video compression.
C: Change File Format to Quicktime for Linux and name your video with a .mov file extension.Choose MPEG-4 and click the green OK check mark to save and exit.

Cinelerra How to Render Color Problem FIXED!

Test the video rendering with VLC video player because the video player Kaffiene does not have the correct codecs.

Now that your video is in the correct color, lets play with Cinelerra and try some video effects after rendering the original color correctly.

Loading the video, I get a error message but it still loads.

Edit > Select All

Go to Video > Render effect and choose "Brightness/Contrast" I changed the Brightness to -.3 and the Contrast to -.6 and unchecked the "Boost luminance only" diamond. Then clicked the green OK check mark in the separate window titled, "Cinelerra: Effect Prompt".

Get 3 more errors and then the program exits out without warning.

It plays in VLC but I lost my sound. I reload Bright/Contrast version with no sound and see only one video track and no audio track. When selecting an audio file, I change the Insertion strategy from "Replace Current Project" with "Append in new tracks" then render as in steps 1 & 2.

Render it and plays on VLC and can be uploaded to youtube but it would be better and easier to change the contrast and brightness using the online youtube video editor.

I removed cinelerra from computer because it's too hard to work with. I prefer the other free video editing software avidmux.

Video Edit Magic Pan, Zoom, and Slow Motion

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  • ptosis profile image

    ptosis 4 years ago from Arizona

    Thankx Mark Johann

  • Mark Johann profile image

    Mark Johann 4 years ago from Italy

    This is the one I am eager to learn since. I love this hub. :)

  • ptosis profile image

    ptosis 5 years ago from Arizona

    Go!Animation does let you alter a basic character but it is not like Spore where you can make some very odd creatures. Blender is like going out and harvesting the wheat, grinding it yourself in order to bake bread. There are pre-made characters made by other people that are for sale.

  • flashmakeit profile image

    flashmakeit 5 years ago from usa

    The Spore video by ParadigmOfEvolution is amazing. I enjoyed reading this hub. I download Blender and one day I will try to learn how to use it . It seems so hard to use.