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Free Online Classic Rock Radio Stations

Updated on October 22, 2010

Being obsessed as a child with Led Zeppelin and Eric Clapton meant that I spent a lot of time listening to classic rock stations. This was during the late 80s, before internet radio, and there were only 2 local radio stations to listen to. They were alright, but I can remember hating the morning programs, where people like Howard Stern said very little that would have been of interest to a 10 year old girl. I really would have loved it if there had been an internet radio station that I could listen to, without having to deal with morning talk show, when all I wanted was to hear some good stuff while getting ready for school. Well, guess what? Not only is there a radio station which offers non-stop, non-talk radio -- there are tons of them. Tons! This list is one that includes those I've found to have the best songs, and I can easily listen to them without getting tired of the music. Have a listen. You'll like it.

1. Virgin Radio

You've probably heard of the Virgin brand, but if you live in America, you may not realize that they have loads of fabulous radio stations. You can find them online at the above site, and you will love, love, love their classic rock station.

2. All Classic Hits


Another great station, the title makes this one pretty obvious. This one does include hits from the 60s as well, so if you like groups like the Supremes, you'll dig this one.

3. Classic Hits Radio

This is classic rock station that has a big variety of styles. I've heard everything from the Beatles to CSN&Y. They also offer a paid VIP program.

4. Grateful Dead Radio

Despite having loads of friends who were (and probably still are) dead heads, I never really dug the band that much. But I know that loads of people did, and the fact that there is a radio station that plays nothing but TGD proves it.

5. Iceberg Radio

This station seems to be a bit more mellow than a few of the others. That, or I just happen to tune in when they are playing things like Sugar Mountain and the like. They aslo play music that I would consider 80s, as well -- Van Halen, for example.

6. KRBX Topeka

This is a fabulous station that I love to listen to. They say it's classic rock from those who know it best, and I have to agree with them. I always hear fantastic tracks when I put this one on.

7. Rock & Roll FM

How can you not like a radio station that calls itself Rock & Roll FM? This station has a big mix and they're one of the few stations I've actually heard KISS on. Have a listen!


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