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Free to Air Television and Free T.V.

Updated on July 20, 2010

Why Pay for Something Free?

Doesn't anyone remember the days when television came over the airwaves and was paid for like radio still is today by advertisers? What do people think commercials are for? They pay for the shows you watch! The signal (now encoded to block you from seeing it) is free! Yes with the right equipment or the know how you can still watch television free.

We've all been enticed into signing up to useless contracts with cable and digital satellite subscriptions that roll your internet, phone, and television into one nifty package for what seems like a great deal. Well soon your forty nine dollar a month package racks up with installation fees, or adding boxes and controllers, extra costs for cable installation into rooms, phone start up fees, extras for your internet speed and then they even charge you for your local channels (channels you can get for free if you have an antenna!) and all that and soon you are paying hundreds of dollars just to get the freaking stuff set up for what you thought was going to cost you less than a hundred bucks! It is a scam and we are all suckers for falling for it.

So I think it's time the consumer fought back. Your shows are bought and paid for by the time you've seen them. It is ridiculous to pay ten times what you should to watch the shows you like. Here we will go over some cool ways to put it to the cable and satellite companies that have been raping your wallet for over twenty years.

Antenna Television

How many of us got suckered into buying a digital over the airbox to get our television signal in digital? I did, I bought two! Then when I unplugged the freaking thing to change one of the boxes I had the same freaking channels still coming in over the antenna! I couldn't believe it! They switched from analog to digital but the signal was still being broadcast in both formats. I think I lost like three channels but the rest were still going strong. The analog signal is a free to air signal and the television relay stations still broadcast the signal in analog to other transmitters where it is encrypted into a digital signal and sent back out over the air. But you can still pick up the analog signal. The major networks still have to use this method of broadcast signal and the truth is it costs them little to nothing to do it. This is free to air television just like the radio in your car can pick up radio signals being broadcast by local transmitters.

The Internet and Hulu

With a free subscription to Hulu you can watch your favorite cable shows. They carry many of the shows you like to watch and even offer a premium subscription of all the shows you would watch on cable or satellite for far less money. I believe it is less than ten dollars a month.


If you are a movie watcher or a movie family like mine than you might be interested in getting a subscription to to netflix. Netflix has a massive movie database and you can watch streaming video on your PC or through your game system if you have the right connection. You can order them right on their website and watch them instantly. You can also get DVD's via the regular mail and all for less than ten dollars a month. Compare that to the hundreds you'll spend on your nifty cable or satellite package.

Free to Air Satellite

Free to air satellite television gives you options that antenna television does not. You can have your local free broadcast channels with an antenna but the free to air satellite feeds will let you watch things like NASA TV

There are a number systems that you can use. Today, the GHz Ku band of 11.7-12.2 GHz gives you the option of owning 1-meter dishes allowing even apartment dwellers to watch TV using free to air broadcasts.

TV on the Computer

There are programs available one is something called Joost or the Miro player (also able to play other videos) These programs are free to use and they are pretty good. They browse the net for certain shows you'd like to watch. These are another option to get free television shows.


You can use a newer TV and hook it up to a computer and use it to browse the shows you want to watch. This cuts out satellite and cable companies completely and allows you to watch what you want when you want to watch it. There are so many options out there at a fraction of the cost of cable and satellite television bundles.

Other stuff:

Phones - Get a cell phone and cut your land line or cancel your cell phone and get a land line.

Internet - Go with a local provider that offers high-speed access.

You will find yourself saving hundreds of dollars a year and you can get more content than you would if you'd of paid for it all in the long run.


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    • Sandyspider profile image

      Sandy Mertens 7 years ago from Wisconsin, USA

      I should unhook my antenna TV and see if any channels comes in. Thanks for all this information.