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Freediving and Base Jumping combined?

Updated on June 9, 2010

Freediving and Base Jumping

 So I'm on Yahoo this morning looking up different current news events and such and I come across this story on a Freediver/Base Jumper who plumets himself in an area called Dean's Blue Hole.  Which is located just west of the Bahama's apparently. Anyway. I'm watching the video (And I don't think I can post the video so you can see it here if you wanna watch it and form your own opinion.) and the whole time all I can seem to think is "something is going to eat you"  Morbid I know. But I'm not a fan of the ocean, nor am I a fan of water I can't see the bottom of..

I'm the type of person that if my Creator wanted me to swim he would have made me some sort of fish. And quite frankly I want to know what is swimming around my feet! So these people who do this sort of thing have to be fearless or just plain stupid. I mean this man doesn't know what is lurking around the corner or in the bottom of that hole! What about sharks? Maybe I'm just a wimp but what common sense do people have to have these days? I'm seriously aware of the fact that if I step foot into the ocean that I could become fish food. Sorry I'll stay on land like I was ment to do.

Granted as I rant on and on about this I did admire the video and thought it was pretty neat. But was quite disappointed when i read the article and he stated that it took 4 days to complete it and get all the shots! So does that mean he did it 4 times? You be the judge!


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    • SeThCipher profile image

      Sebastian 4 years ago

      I put the video on my hub. It's amazing. Definitely have a look.

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 7 years ago from TEXAS

      You can master the skill of putting videos on your hubs.

      That sounds like quite a feat. I love water but not leaping from heights! lol. (Or sliding - I hate sliding most of all!)