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Freedom For LILO

Updated on March 29, 2012

Is there freedom for LILO? From a judges point of view there. Her probation that she received for her drunken driving stunt is over. Now all she has left is her taking a necklace without permission probation.

Can She Still Have A Life

At the age of 25 can Lindsay pick up her life and move on? Some stars that starring acting at her age have retired at 25 or a little younger. Take funny girl Amanda Bynes for example she retired from acting at the age of 24. Might have been because her parents didn't still all her money. Amanda will be turning 26 in April and looks 26. Lindsay on the other hand looks like she aged well into her 40's and not the age of 25. Is it possible she has learned from all her passed mistakes? Will anyone hire her or send a script her way.

Lindsay Lohan the Girl Before LILO

Yes, I know I am talking about LILO like it is another person or personality, but I am about the same age so I grow up watching this girl. I didn't give up to a drunken theft, but a sweet girl. I was first introduced to her with her break out role in the remake of The Parent Trap. I loved the original but to have one made in my time. It was great. She was talented she played two girls. Then came Life-Size, but it was her next remake that would make me know how much I wanted to be her fan. Freaky Friday with Jamie Lee Curtis and Mark Harmon. Heck Yeah I love that movie. I had saw the original as a younger kid but didn't like it. Now when I see her I think of the movie the Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen. LILO is here.


This was the nickname given by who knows that tabloids use it. I think it is who Lindsay really is now. She had mother who only wanted to be her best friend not be her mother. Then she had a father who wanted to spend every dime she had. With parents like these how to expect her to grown up close to normal. She was already growing up in the lime light. She tried having a singing career but that went downhill with her acting career.

As to my first question. I think it is going to take some time and serious discipline for her to get her life back. I doubt anyone will give her any leading roles anytime soon. She is just going to have to be the background with minor rolls for a bit. She may also have to pay to get her face back in order.


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