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French TV Embraces English in French TV Shows

Updated on November 21, 2012

We know that in the IT and business world, English is the main language internationally. English is fast becoming the medium language for international TV audiences also. Take France. When have they ever embraced English (hmm, well, The Beatles were in 1963. But even then, the French changed their name to, Les Beatles). French people are so nationalistic, even today, it lingers quite a bit. French customs, language, cars, wine- are always better than the same in English countries, so they think. But, the world of TV is changing in France. There are now many French created and made in France TV shows, like, "Jo" ( a NCIS type show) where not a single word is in French, but English. How this must aggravate those French patriots! As funny as it sounds, these TV shows are dubbed in French for those not savvy in English. Other shows, all in English, are "Versailles" and "Crossing Lines".

The reason is that in order for French TV production companies to compete, they are funded by US companies. A US TV show usually costs $3-4 million, a French TV show is about $1 million. The French TV companies making the shows get the funds and realize that they are limiting their revenue if they are in French, only shown in France. English is spoken in many more countries and the biggest market is America. A show like "Jo", while it is French in every way but the funding and dialogue written by Americans, will actually be seen in America. If a success, there is more money to gain. French shows without this funding cannot compete outside of France and sometimes, within France. It just makes financial sense. The BBC and other British TV shows cross the Atlantic and are a success in the USA.

The French have seen the light and it is green like money.


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