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"Friends With Kids" Movie Review

Updated on July 15, 2014

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"Friends With Kids" Movie Rating

4 stars for "Friends With Kids"

The Review

The movie "Friends With Kids" is just full of hilarity and honesty. The jokes aren't over the top, just brutally honest about what life with kids is like and what life with friends that have kids is like. It's very similar in it's execution to "When Harry Met Sally". It's basically like if Harry and Sally had had a kid together and all their friends had had kids too.

So the main plot is two best friends: Julie (played by Jennifer Westfeldt "Kissing Jessica Stein". She's also the writer and director of this movie.) and Jason (Adam Scott "Aviator") decide to have a baby together based on seeing how miserable their married friends are with raising their kids. They hope to avoid having the same issue by their sharing a kid together and then allowing themselves to have a romantic relationship with someone else so their kid won't kill the love in their future relationships. This disturbs their married with kids friends (Maya Rudolph "Away We Go", Jon Hamm "Mad Men", Kristin Wiig "Bridesmaids", Chris O'Dowd "Cavalry"), but they stay supportive. After their son Joe is born Julie and Jason each meet the people who they think are the one (Edward Burns "The Holiday", and Megan Fox "This Is 40"). Both of them begin to realize they don't care for the other one's significant other. So were they able to keep a platonic relationship through having a child, or not?

Anyone who knows someone who's had a kid will be able to see the humor in this movie. Even if you haven't had a kid you'll be able to laugh. The ending isn't as good as the rest of the movie. I compared this to "When Harry Met Sally", but the ending is very unlike the ending to that movie. "When Harry Met Sally" has a perfectly worded ending. It's romantic but not unbelievable that a guy might say it the way some romantic comedy genre movies end. "Friends With Kids" has similarly accessible dialogue for both men and women. The male lines are all believable and the women lines are all believable. They never come off as corny or something unrealistic. Now the ending still gives dialogue that is believable that a guy might say it, but it's not exactly romantic. It's a little painfully worded actually. Without giving it away I'll just say the male character uses really coarse language to come off as loving and it's not exactly loving sounding. I don't hate the end but I think that's the only thing that could have been changed to make it a better movie. Despite the ending being a little rough, I really enjoyed this movie. I like how the characters are all believable and honest yet funny. I like that they all look like people you could run into on the street. They weren't over the top glamorized or beautiful. Except Megan Fox maybe, but she still is a very honest character in this movie and never is stereotypically portrayed as stupid just because she's pretty. She is written to be fairly smart and talented. The characters are still generally attractive though, while remaining down to earth. I like that each couple is different in how they raise their kid and how they deal with parenting.

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Who's Going To Enjoy This Movie?

The people that will enjoy this movie most are those who know someone who has kids or if they have kids. This isn't a movie for younger audiences as it's rated R and has a lot of bad language and sexual content. This movie is for mature audiences. Likely people who enjoy more intelligent type romantic comedies without the cheese and phoniness some romantic comedies sadly offer to their audiences to gorge themselves on will like the wit and honesty and realistic dialogue this movie has to offer. This movie is similar to "When Harry Met Sally", "The Switch", "This Is 40", "Life As We Know It". If you liked any of those movies you might like this one. If you're a movie goer that likes witty humor, off beat relationships, unique family situations depicted in the movies you see you'll get some laughs out of "Friends With Kids". I give it four out of five stars. It's close to five stars, but the ending plays out a little poorly.

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