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Froggy Dance, Tadpole Song, Gom Se Mari and San Toki Song - Famous and Funny Korean Children Song

Updated on March 31, 2016
Children loves to dance with Froggy Dance
Children loves to dance with Froggy Dance

Froggy Dance - Tadpole Song

Froggy dance! Froggy dance..! I found great funny video with cheerful song and dance which teased me to dancing and singing. I am crazy falling in love with Froggy Dance, famous Korean Children's song. It seems Korea children’s song invaded all children around the world, and children loved it.

Most people love Korean children’s song Froggy Dance. People dance together following its simple dance and laugh with it. It is often used in training or meeting to energize participants. Children happy birthday will cheerful with this passionate dance and funny song. Music is important to develop brain, intelligence, and creativity since early ages. While dancing and having fun with Froggy Dance or Tadpole Song, but others said it Polliwog Song or Olchaengi Song; you are also stimulate your child brain and intelligence.

Froggy Dance - Tadpole Song

Froggy Dance Lyric and Meaning

Froggy Dance - Tadpole Song - Polliwog Song

Gae eulga e / olchangi han mari

In a little stream / there is a tadpole

Ggomul Ggomul / hae umchi da

Wriggle wriggle / swimming around

Dweet dariga ssok / appdariga ssok

Hind legs out / fore legs out

Palddak palddak / gaeguri dwetne

hoping hoping / he became a frog

Ggomul ggomul (x3) olchangi ga

wriggle wriggle (x3) a tadpole

Dweet dariga ssok / appdariga ssok

Hind legs out / forelegs out

Palddak palddak / gaeguri dwetne

Hoping hopping / he became a frog

Fact: Who is Author of Tadpole and Frog?

Do you know that Froggy Dance, Tadpole Song, Polliwog Song, Olchaengi Song is not original title? Original song title is "Tadpole and Frog" that wrote by Hyeonjin (Jin) Yoon.She grew up in Seoul, Korean capital city, with her mother who run a kindergarten. Yoon was interested about music education for young children.

Hyeonjin (Jin) Yoon, Author of Tadpole Song, Polliwog Song, Olchaengi Song. But original title is "Tadpole and Frog"
Hyeonjin (Jin) Yoon, Author of Tadpole Song, Polliwog Song, Olchaengi Song. But original title is "Tadpole and Frog" | Source

Yoon wrote "Tadpole and Frog" song during his pregnancy. Yoon published it on cassette and distributed to classrooms.

Yoon moved to USA and unbeknownst a Korean radio producer playing her song and become so popular, but without acknowledge her name as song author. Yoon was learning at Teacher School at Colombia University.

Tadpole and Frog song was more and more popular because it used by opposition to criticize the president.

During a trip back to South, she learned the truth and her story came out. National media interviewed her and her royalty had helped her paid tuition costs.

Until now Tadpole and Frog song still one of popular song in Korea and continuing famous around the world.

Seoul st Night, Korea Capital City
Seoul st Night, Korea Capital City | Source

Famous Korean Children’s Song

There are two Korean countries, one is South Korea (democratic government) and another is North Korea (Communist government). South Korea, officially the Republic of Korea -- sometimes referred to simply as Korea-- is a country in East Asia, located on the southern portion of the Korean Peninsula. It is neighbored by the People's Republic of China to the west, Japan to the east, and North Korea to the north.

South Korea capital city is Seoul. Now South Korea becomes one of Asia developed country. Taekwondo is the national sport of Korea and one of the country's most famous sports. Korea football also one of Asia champion in World Cup. There are many giant transnational company based in Korea. South Korea is one of four Asian Tigers countries.

Korea’s media and entertainment industries are growing fast lately. One of them is Korean Children’s entertainment industries. Korean children’s song are growing fast and spreading throughout the world. Here others famous Korean Children’s song: Gom Se Mari (Three Bears) and San Toki (Jack Rabbit - Mountain Bunny - Mountain Rabbit).

Korean villagers performing "Nong-ak". Traditional farmers' band music and dance.
Korean villagers performing "Nong-ak". Traditional farmers' band music and dance.

Gom Se Mari (Three Bears) - Korean Children’s Song

Song of Gom Se Mari or Three Bears is Korean children’s song about three bears from the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Children in Korea have known well this famous old children song. Children are taught to sing and dance with this song together with their friends. Gom Se Mari until now is still famous and as classic lullaby for baby till in Korea modern life. Enjoy the passion of this Three Bears song and let start learn to dance Gom Se Mari.

Gom Se Mari Song and Dance

Gom Se Mari Song

Gom Se Mari Lyric and Meaning

Gom Se Mari Song - Three Bears

Gom se-ma-ri-ga / han-chib-e iss-eo

Three fuzzy bears live / in a cabin

A-ppa gom / eom-ma gom / ae-gi gom

Daddy Bear / mommy bear / baby bear

A-ppa gom-eun / ttung-ttung-hae

Daddy bears is / big and fat

Eom-ma gom-eun / nal-ssin-hae

Mommy bear is / slim and trim

Ae-gi gom-eun / neo bul-gwi-yo-wo

Baby bear is / such a cutie pie

Hi-ssuk Hi-ssuk / chal-han-da

Tee-hee tee-hee / There you go

San Toki (Jack Rabbit) - Korean Children’s Song

Old most famous children’s song in Korea is San Toki (literally means “Mountain Bunny” or “Mountain Rabbit”). This song had translated to English with title Jack Rabbit. If you found a little bit difficult to sing it in Korean, try Jack Rabbit song.

Korean mostly knows the melody and lyrics of this song. San Toki or jack Rabbit is a Korean nursery rhyme song for Korean children. Toddler and kid usually loves this song. San Toki song is taught to preschooler and be performed while singing. There are two version of San Toki Song, and most famous is the first version.

The song was popularized in the United States by the Ska Punk band The Chinkees, who performs the song on their 1999 recording Peace through Music.

San Toki Lyric and Meaning

San Toki - Jack Rabbit First Verse:

San-toki, toki-ya

Uh-dee-reul gah-neu-nyah?

Kang-choong, kang-choong tee-myun-suh

Uh-dee-reul gah-neu-nyah?

Mountain bunny, bunny

Where are you going?

Bouncing, bouncing as you're running.

Where are you going?

San Toki - Jack Rabbit Second Verse:

San-go-gae go-gae-reul

Nah-hon-jah nuhm-uh-suh

to-shil to-shil ahl-bahm-eul

Joo-wuh-suh ol-tae-yah

Over the mountain peaks, peaks

I will climb them on my own

Plump, plump chestnuts

I will find and bring

Bonus: Jack Rabbit Song - San Toki in English

San Toki Song has many title in English like Mountain Bunny, Mountain Rabbit, Mountain Hare. Here a got translation from Anna page. Enjoy it. Now you can sing it in English and Korean for your cute and lovely children. God bless you!

San Toki - Jack Rabbit
San Toki - Jack Rabbit

Benefit of Music For Children

I wrote two articles about benefit of music for children intelligence or brain development. Do not believe about "Mozart Effect" for baby. Find out the truth.


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    • htodd profile image


      8 years ago from United States

      This is really great..Thanks for the post

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Really funny video with cheerful song and dance which teased me to dancing and singing.

      Prestatie Indicatoren

    • profile image


      8 years ago from Deutschland

      great topic thx for the infos :-D


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