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From Secular to Gospel Music

Updated on January 29, 2012

Associate: Kiprotich, R.

Music has been in existence since the creation of man. In the old days, our fore fathers used to play music, go dancing in the villages and composed some of the songs that they sang as they carried out their daily activities. The only problem is that during those days, there were no technologies and equipment that could have been put in place to tap the beautiful music composed by them and store for the future generation in audio form. Through rich oral traditions, music was passed on. However, today technology has revolutionalized the world of music. It is produced here, it is released here or vice versa.

Over time, music has been evolving from one genre to another. For instance, in the current time, there are different genres of music and of which each has its own audience. Some of these genres include rap music (in Swahili- Muziki wa kufokafoka), Rnb, soul music, rock, jazz, reggae and raga among others.

In terms of audience, there are two broad categories: the gospel and the secular audience. In Kenya, secular music used to dominate the music industry a couple of years ago. Today, the trend is changing with the ever growing Gospel Music audience. This kind of music is getting more air play as compared to the secular one. On the same footing, Gospel artists have really worked hard to be where they are right now. Moreover, the airing of music on our media has tremendously improved. This has helped the Gospel Industry to boom - from rauka to mafuno TV shows among many others.

Footnote. Is turning from Secular to Gospel music a conversion of some kind? It may not be!. It is just but a wave. There are some Gospel artists who do not live the Gospel values they proclaim in their songs. The hidden agenda (at least for some, and could be many) is about making money. This I call 'in the name of God'. If in the process some conversions come by, so be it. My prayer is in the air.


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    • msshandriaball profile image

      Shandria Ball 6 years ago from Anniston

      I love gospel music ,even though i don't I don't go to church as often as i should.I listen to it regularly and it just makes me feel good.