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From The Deathbeds 0f Rock And Roll

Updated on October 1, 2009

The Beatles are a duet now

but as pairs they're seldom found,

Stairway to heaven's

an escalator, stalled and broken down

Iron man's a rusted hulk

and Aqualung has drowned

They civilized the Mongoloid

and Devo is devoid

the Wall is where they hang

the bleached out

red rage of Pink Floyd

The kinks have worked

the wrinkles out

but each one has aged hard

while Father Christmas

lies in state 'neath

Hollywood Boulevard

Jagger's pushing seventy

satisfaction doesn't matter

and Alice Coopers serving food

can you hear those dishes clatter

Punk rockers grew into adults

but kept their attitude

they like their extreme radio

cranked up real loud and crude.

The modge pits are much emptier,

they cost to much to fill,

the economies in the toilet,

and the crap all runs down hills,

when it's time to pay the bills.

Bubblegum got chewed up

in the face of heavy metal

rap replaced the guru chants

and Glocks the flower petals

Amateurs have seized the stage

in pitchy tones they sidle

across the hopes of all who seek

their next American Idol


Records pressed in vinyl

45's and 33's

are mouldering in cardboard sleeves

now we'd rather play C.D.'s

Buddy Holly's dust still lies

entombed with all his dreams

just remnants of the fifties

from a plane burst at the seams,

Oh, Hell how bad it tumbled

nose to tail, then tail to nose

Oh, God how fast they mumbled

prayers then screams

through whirling snows.

Their Big Bopper took just seconds

slamming frozen fields below

their broken bodies scattered

with their guitars in the snow.

Even protest songs

are seldom heard

for those dead in bushes war

as if our songwriters forgot

just what lyrics are for

"Hell no!! ....we won't go!"

isn't sung out anymore.

Alternative's what they dig now

hip hop, and MTV

Rock music's changing everyday

adapting is the Key.

But way down deep inside each song

lie the basics that were riffed

decades back by fiery souls

with great passions and a gift

Rock and Roll's unmoveavble

Thanks to just how huge it's grown

on monstrous sets

it screams in frets

until its songs are known-

from a temporary madness

sixty years of love has honed.

"This too shall pass!"

cried Harrison

who's passed,

yet rock remains

it mutates into other forms

but its magiic is the same.


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      Micky Dee 7 years ago