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“The Adventures Of Little Diego - Former Child Star, Chapter 9 - Part 2 of 5 “Sexual Healing - You Got What I Need!"

Updated on November 19, 2013

Marc Copage

I’d invite many of the gals I’d meet at the adult conventions on to the show as guests. The show was shot in a downtown warehouse referred to as 'The Speakeasy'.

Sexologist Dr. Susan Block's Speakeasy

It was a pretty wild scene. On any given Saturday evening you could see anything from naked theater, to instructional female ejaculation live demonstrations, to clown sex, midget sex, foot fetish salons, sex educational seminars, humiliation, bondage, B&D, S&M, and multitude of other fetishes. There was also a lot of erotic art around the studio that came from artists from all around the world. I don't mean to get too graphic in these blogs, but I'm just trying to give an accurate presentation of the environment I was in at the time which is a part of my story. It was a very sexually charged and explicit environment.

Erotic Art Piece

And what would a Speakeasy be without a bar and a piano. Dr Block had this long maplewood bar and a beautiful Steinway baby grand piano and jazz musicians would stop by and put on spontaneous jam sessions. I got to hear some wonderful jazz musicians play some really great live music! I was the resident bartender as well as booking talent for the show while I was there. I could make a nice pocket of change bartending and I really enjoyed listening to the music and talking to guests and other visitors that would stop by The Speakeasy to attend the after party.

The Speakeasy

I think I’ve seen and heard of just about every sexual fetish imaginable working for the doctor. The parties were attended by professionals from the sex industry as well as your average Joe's and JoAnne's that had nothing what-so-ever to do with the adult entertainment business.

Warning - TV Mature - One Of Our Audience Members On 'The Rack' At One Of The Dr. Susan Block Show After Parties Shot On Hidden Camera

Needless to say, I saw a whole lot of people having sex at Dr. Block's Speakeasy. There was this one time I was working the bar, and this nude gal comes over to me and starts chatting me up. Then it seemed as if out of nowhere this guy comes up behind her, starts licking her, then inserts his penis into her. Not one word was exchanged between the two of them. It was quite odd.

There were times when people would be having sex all over the place. The bathrooms were all unisex. If it weren't for all those cameras throughout the place that were recording and filming everything, it's entirely possible I may have participated in some of these goings on. Many of the gals were quite lovely.

But everything was being recorded. If you were having sex anywhere in that studio you could be certain you were being filmed and that it was most likely going out over the internet. Everyone that entered the premises had to sign a model release. At that point I still believed I’d one day be famous again in the legitimate entertainment industry and I wasn’t fond of the idea of my hairy behind being shown having sex and broadcast all over the internet.

Marc Copage

We had a lot of very interesting guests come on the show to share their views about sex, love, politics, and culture. Rabbis, professors of literature, glamour models, artists, book authors, poets, porn stars, and prostitutes. They were all guests on the show. You could pretty much talk about anything you wanted. People would call in with the most crazy ass stories. The doctor would wear sexy lingerie and interview guests on her bed. Often she would get the female guests to take their tops off. Single women would be admitted to the show free of charge, couples for a donation, and single men would have to pay to get in. That is if they’d even let a single guy in at all. Single guys were not encouraged and would generally have to know somebody that worked there in order to get in. Security was tight and they were well armed! The show was broadcast live every Saturday evening and every Saturday evening there was a party.

Lavish meals would be set out. Actually, we mostly ordered Thai delivery, but it was delicious and there was plenty of it!

Porn Stars would roll through there all the time. I became friends with many of them. I met a lot of swinger couples while I was working there as well. Dr. Block's Speakeasy reminded me of a “Felliniesque” type of atmosphere''. Lots of wine, women, food and frolicking going on. Everything was quite plentiful.

The environment was completely insane. There was this one gal who was living there for a short period of time who used to sleep in a corner of the floor of the facility like a cat or some kind of domestic household pet. She even ate her meals out of a pet bowl. Every time I would see this woman she would be tucked away in some area of the facility just watching people. She didn’t say much, and when she did, it was generally ramblings in some unintelligible language that was difficult if not impossible to understand. I’m not sure what planet she was receiving her signals from. Or she’d be off in some corner of the room masturbating herself. She was actually a very good looking woman, but crazy as a loon. I’m not sure what was up with her. Maybe she was undergoing some kind of treatment or something. It was quite bizarre.

I invited many of the biggest names of the adult entertainment world to come on the show. At least they were at the time. Tera Patrick, Jessica Drake, Brittany Andrews, Jill Kelly, Serenity, Inari Vaches, Belladonna, Nina Hartley, new comer Mika Tan who has gone on to carve out quite a name for herself in the adult fetish world. I literally had about a thousand cell phone numbers of adult entertainers in my rolodex. If any of my friends were throwing a bachelor party, I was the guy to talk to. And for all you twenty - something year olds, they had these things called rolodex’s back then that people used to file their contacts.


I had press credentials so I would meet a lot of these gals at the adult conventions. I got to be quite friendly with many of them.

Marc Copage At Erotica LA Convention

The girls were hired to sign autographs and take pictures with fans. They would attract quite a crowd.The interesting thing was that many of the fans didn't even know what girl they were waiting in line to see.They would have no clue as to the actresses name.

Interview With Adult Fan At AVN

I had a number of gals approach me about managing their careers or acting as their publicists. This one gal asked me if I’d go on the road with her as her assistant. She was a feature dancer and would also do escorting on the side while traveling from town to town working as a featured dancer at strip clubs. A girl could earn a quite a bit of money working as a featured dancer. Not to mention the additional income that many of them could pull in from escorting.

Feature Dancer And Adult Star Lisa Ann

Warning - TV Mature - Excerpt From My Interview With Adult Star's Amber Lynn And Teri Wiegel On Feature Dancing

I declined the offers. I wasn’t really interested in being on the road and this one gal was admittedly bi-polar and I also knew she had a chemical dependency. And as far as being the manager of someone’s career? I can’t even manage my own career much less someone else’s. Getting work as an adult film actress is not as easy as a lot of people might think. Sure, it might not be too difficult to get your first job in the biz if you’re a fairly attractive looking girl. Everybody likes a new face, but getting consistent work can be quite challenging. It’s a very tough business. Both emotionally and physically. It's extremely competitive. And there are even more girls trying to break into the porn industry every day.

Interviewing At Erotica LA Convention

When I was in the business there were a lot of girls that said they would never do anal, or if they did, they would get producers to pay a hefty price for it.

Warning - TV Mature - Excerpt From "Adult Star Chronicles" - On Doing Anal Sex

Now a days, it seems you pretty much have to do anal if you want to stay working and competitive. If you've seen any of the porn that’s all over the internet it seems every other girl is doing anal. Things seem to be getting more extreme in general.

I’m flattered that these gals had enough faith and trust in me to ask me to work with them, but it just didn't feel like my calling at the time. There’s part of me that wonders how things might have turned out had I taken one of them up on their offer? There certainly is money to be made in the adult entertainment business and I guess that's what's most important in this world. Making money. I would like to believe differently. I would like to believe one's purpose in this life has to do more with creating and sharing, but the older I get, the more I believe that's pure fantasy. It seems to be about obtaining the most wealth at any cost and by any means. It's what our current system seems to support. You're either pimping or getting pimped out.

Warning - TV Mature - Excerpt From Interview I Did With A Pimp I Met At One Of The Adult Conventions

Marc Copage - Pimp Or Pimped Out?

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