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Frosty the Snowman Movie Before The Snow Man Comes To Life

Updated on January 10, 2017
What A Snow Man
What A Snow Man | Source

Magic In The Air

I had been wondering about Frosty The Snowman for a long time. Something seemed off about him.

I have heard that their are theories around about Frosty being Evil or wrong. But, I have not read or seen it.

I wanted to analyse it before I read or hear about it.

Magic Snow

The cartoon starts with a man in a brown suit, hat and scarf walking though the snow. He tells the story. At the beginning the snow has almost supernatural quality to make people happy even if they are left in the snow. Even a man man with packages jumps up clicking his heals.

Everyone is happy. This is a magical time of year.

First snow magic happens the day before Christmas. This must have to do with Santa coming to the town. There was a picture of Santa holding his sack in a picture near one of the happy people.

Waiting To Play Outside

The man leaves and the children are playing indoors looking out the window. They made some arrow symbol on the window. They are all protected from the snow outside.

They are in a classroom away from the magic that is the snow. This makes them sad.

The teacher wishes to cheer them up by having someone come to the class to entertain them. They must have been very good boys and girls. This is their reward.

The man that is hired is more a clown than a magician. It is my guess that the teacher is not paid much. She hopes that that guy will make the children laugh during their short party.

He does an egg trip and the egg gets on the floor. I thought this was hilarious as a kid.

Apparently, he is not suppose to be bad at what he does.

My kid would be amused. Love pink flower in his hat.

The kids don't want to watch a funny magican. They want to play in the snow. And, the christmas party is not a party. They are in their seats.

- This might comment on how poor teachers had to improvise.

Theory: The teacher used her own money to hire the magician for the children. And, most teachers would have tried to do the magician work themselves to save cost. They might have went so far as to get on of the children to do that sort of thing.

Theory: This teacher is unable to do magic, so she is hoping that this guy will entertain the children for only a few minutes.

Magic Hat

The seems to be magical. It twists in the air.

Theory: The man does not notice the magic of the hat. He has other magical items at home.

The man does try to throw away the hat and the rabbit that was clearly not in the hat jumps out. Magic hat? Yes.

The rabbit does belong to the man. But, the hat kept the rabbit safe inside.

Theory: The rabbit goes to another dimension when he enters the hat.

Theory: The rabbit loves the hat so much that it does not want the hat to be thrown away.

The children seem to love the rabbit making his way out of the classroom. The rabbit has done it. He has found away out of the classroom into the magical snow outside. Something is bound to happen.

The magician having no understanding about moving out of the way stays in the way of the children.

Theory: This guy expects the children to wait until he lift the room until they started to leave for the door, too. He might have waited there trying to get others to help him when the children need to get home.

-None of the children can help this man.

-Even the teacher should be going home.

- The hat is the man's responsibility. And, he should not be standing in the way of the exit to the class.

Dressing For Cool From the Waist Up

As the children make it outside they are dressed for the snow? No. They are not dressed for the snow.

Some have gloves and mittens and a scarf. But, one girl is showing too much leg, the other boy is in shorts, and another boy in pants is wearing socks that are too short to see. I can't see any of the children's socks.

Theory: This children will freeze if they do not get inside.

They still play outside in the snow. The little girl with the very short coat is wrong for her. She is clearly not going inside.

The girl makes the head. The children crowd around the snow man that they just made.

They try to name the snowman and the only girl that has a name so far named the snowman.

Theory: You have to have a name to name other people. The girl is respected by the other children and trust her to name the snowman. She might be the brains of the group of friends.

And, everyone trusts her judgement.

How cold does it have to for snow? Answer: 0 degrees Celsius or 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Creation Of The Snow Man

The children stand around the snow man that they have made as if the snow man is an idol to them. The children are rejecting the ways good. They choice to do something that is not good in order for them to become happier.

Theory: One of them might have started to pray to the ideal.

Theory: The children are practicing witches and used the hat to help the magic bring the snow man to life.

Theory: The teacher is a witch and her whole family is witches that protect the children from evil.

Theory: The magicians hat works. But, it should not be used by novices.


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