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Fry and Leela: The Hottest Fictional Animated Couple on Television

Updated on March 31, 2013

I love Futurama, the animated television show that portrays the future in a humorous way. Ever since the show first aired on Fox back in 1999, I would always try to come home in time and catch the latest episode. The humor of the show got me easily hooked on it. It is so funny that the character that really puts the show in a very humorous tone is the chain smoking, alcoholic drinking, dirty mouthed robot named Bender. Bender is unique in which he exhibits many human traits for a machine. Never would I thought that a show about the future would feature a robot that drinks alcohol just to be fully functional. Then there are the two characters that give the show an emotional feel and captures the heart of the audience. Two characters that are very different from each other in terms of intelligence and wit but yet manages to develop an on and off relationship with each other. Those characters are Fry and Leela.

Fry is fairly handsome but is dim witted, illogical, lazy, and very promiscuous when it comes to porn and he manages to avoid death in ways where it is clear that he is suppose to die. He is sloppy, filthy at times, but has tremendous initiatives to save the day where it is still borderline stupid, but mostly successful. Fry comes from a not-so-caring family where his parents think highly of themselves instead of their kids. He has a brother named Yancey where in their early teens, they are always fighting each other but in later years, after being frozen for a thousand years, Yancey starts missing his brother so much that he named his own son Philip J. Fry

Leela is very opposite. She is beautiful, tough, smart, tremendously sexy, very focused in her life and job but at times takes it too far to the point of accidentally belittling someone else, especially to Fry. She is very well organized, but too organized to the point of exhibiting a boring life. She is sometimes a lonely person. One thing that distinguishes her from other fellow human beings is her one eye. In the beginning of the show, she reveals to Fry after coming out of stasis for a thousand years that she is an alien. But later, when the show progresses, it is revealed that she is a mutant. Born to parents with also one eye in the sewers of New New York, at the time of her birth she was given to the local orphanage above ground where her parents wrote a random alien language, making the director of the orphanage think that she is an alien. All that just to give her a normal life.

Now Fry and Leela work together. They, along with Bender, are at the forefront to delivering packages around the universe under Planet Express, a delivery company started by Fry's distant future nephew named Professor Hubert J. Farnsworth. Whenever Fry, Leela, and Bender go on a delivery trip, it always ends up in an adventure and a fight for survival. Bender usually has the upper hand since he is a machine but Fry and Leela are mere mortals and it is usually their bond, and perhaps their love, that makes them survive everyday of their lives. Fry may be immature and lazy, but when trouble comes to Leela, he is always there to save her, whether it would be from physical danger or for Leela's well being. Leela, seeing that she is in love with Fry's boyish charm but annoyed with his immaturity, as mentioned in an episode, and also referring to him as an idiot when he show's things that are in fact idiotic, is always there for Fry and saving him from danger as well. Fry can sometimes be clueless on Leela's care for him. But as the show progresses, Fry manages to realize that Leela truly loves him. The problem with Leela is that she is denying herself of her true feelings for him, which contributes to their relationship problems.

However, Leela tries to remove that denial and in some cases allows herself and Fry to fall for each other and find ways to spend some time together. Yet Fry makes it difficult for her to accept his immaturity and lack of intelligence. Recently, she has come to the realization that Fry will be like that no matter the situation but she also knows that he is in love with her, he cares for her, and that kind of feeling is enough for her. Knowing that Fry loves her gives her some sense of security from other men that does not treat her right, especially Zapp Brannigan, the highest commander of Earth's military fleet. Zapp may think that Leela loves him and thinks he can have her for sex but it is evidently clear that she truly hates his guts and regrets "sleeping" with him when they first met.

For Fry, Leela is everything for him. Sure he has Bender for a robot friend and has his distant absent minded nephew Professor Farnsworth, but Leela is always making sure that he continues to live his life in a more mature way. That is how much she cares for him, even though she has called him an idiot many times in the past. Also, it seems Fry can't live with other women who may look hotter than Leela, and it seems relationships with other women don't always go smoothly and vice versa for Leela. One of them was back in 1999, the night before Fry got frozen, that while he was delivering pizza, he bumped into his so-called girlfriend named Michelle catching her with another guy in a taxicab. It does not show if he was through with her but it's clear to the audience that it is. So for Fry to have a beautiful, tough, sexy woman by his side throughout their adventures and troubles and for her to put up with his sleaziness and lack of intelligence makes Fry one big lucky person to be. Leela is too smart for him. People around her would most likely say that she can do much better than to be with him. She can tell that to herself also. But because there is a special bond between them, through thick and thin, Fry and Leela are truly meant to be together and they truly love each other.

(As of this writing, the show is still going on. I don't know what the writers have planned for Fry and Leela. I just hope they will still be together).


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      Christian 4 years ago from Lancaster, PA

      No it's different

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      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      is this another Bart simpson relative?