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Full of Heart: "Young @ Heart" Couldn't Be Sweeter

Updated on February 23, 2012

The Quick Little Overview

This movie kind of just popped up, with minimal press. It's hardly a hollywood hit, but it's better than 90% of what was out there at the time.

Essentially, this is a quirky little documentary about a group of senior-home singers. It's an odd topic, but it's an interesting movie. The story follows this group as they get ready for a show. The film crew interviews a few select singers in the group who are particularly endearing. There's not too much of a storyline past that, and it's hard to talk about the movie without giving away major plot details, so I'll keep the review on the characters and overall atmosphere of the movie.

The Characters

The few select characters that this documentary decides to highlight are endearing, adorable, and sincere. They all show a true commitment to their choir group, and have more life than half of the people I know who are half their age. While a majority of the movie is sincere and touching, there are humorous moments in which the choir complains like high schoolers about the songs that they're assigned. The audience gets to watch the struggle of the choir learning difficult songs, and they get to follow the instructor and his frustration with learning enough for the concert. By the end of the movie, I was so strongly connected to the choir and the characters that I almost cried. And I never cry at the end of movies, no matter how endearing and sad they may be. But this movie was my exception, as I truly felt for every one of the choir members, the teacher, and even the film crew.

The Movie Itself

This movie didn't try to be what it wasn't. To simplify, it wasn't made to be a great hit or to entertain the masses. It was made to tell the truly inspiring story of a small group of people who touch the lives of many. There's no dramatization and no overwhelming scenes meant to emotionally manipulate the audience. All of the emotions that the audience feels are genuine, and surface because of the characters and not because of the film crew's strategic filming.

That's not to say that the filmmakers lack skill - in fact, the very opposite. Their ability to restrain the temptation to create a melodramatic documentary with a deep political meaning is impressive and rare. They tell a simple story, with a powerful message that doesn't try to push any buttons or make any political statements. These movies - especially in documentaries - are rare. It's a much needed break, and done tastefully.

Genuine, but not so homemade that it's frustrating to watch.

The Conclusion

I give this movie a solid 9/10. It's truly incredible, and it's a true diamond in the rough.

I would recommend this movie for anyone who likes these kind of documentaries. It's not action-filled and it's relatively low key, but it's worth the watch if you're interested in that kind of movie. It's also not the standard inspirational documentary, but it has that element. So don't go into it expecting a "Blind Side" atmosphere.

A Quick Note

Sorry about this hub being so short in length. I'll probably fix it later, when I have more time. Things have been incredibly hectic (but in a good way!) so it's been hard to comprise a good hub. I will though. I'll probably write my hubs over the weekend when I have a little more time.

So I'll try to keep them coming, and I promise the quality will increase as I figure out my schedule!


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