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Fun on Poverty

Updated on July 7, 2015

Two days ago I saw two youtube videos of stand up comedy performed in USA and UK. In one of the video the performer declared himself as Indian Catholic and a gay. In the entire show of one hour he made the so called jokes on the Indian society for not recognizing gays. He ridiculed the Indians how they show their hatred towards gays , how the arranged marriages are held in India and so on. He even criticized Indians saying “country which produced Kamasudra is very much lagging in sex”The audience enjoyed his jokes and clapped incessantly .No body asked him when a catholic can throw the Bible to dustbin and proudly announces himself as a gay what is wrong if Indians throw away the Kamasudra which is not at all a religious manuscript. But the jokes didn’t hurt me because I could understand that the guy was very much offended by the hatred response made by his family and by others when they came to know that he was a gay. Asian countries are very much religious oriented and we can not expect them to change suddenly towards same sex marriage etc. Even US has taken so many years for this and now only they are moving towards same sex marriage.

In the other show it is completely different. The performer made fun over the behavior of the people of various countries- the way they talk, behave and so on. When come to India he told “There may be Homeless persons in USA but in India there are no homeless people because in USA at least some time they might have homes and would have lost them. But in India people who have no houses for generations and they are living in platforms and how can we call them homeless?” Thunder of applause and laughter followed this “joke”. He further told that in many people have no chappals(shoes) and if we ask them about it they will reply ‘ you see there are so many people who have no legs at all and we are fortunate enough to have legs and we don’t bother about chappaals. “ The audience once again laughed and clapped. Of course he is true. Many people are very poor and living in platforms in India. He should understand that India was under the rule of foreigners for more than 400 years and when we got independence the country was in total bankruptcy. Only 68 years have gone now after our independence. India is a country of huge population, different cultures, different languages, different religions. Within 68 years we were forced to involve in two wars against Pakistan and one against China which very much affected our economy. We are forced to increase our Army budget ever year to safe guard our boundaries. We are one of the main targets for the religious terrorists. Even though we have so many hardships we have an active democracy and we are really fighting to improve the life of the poor people. I humbly request the stand up comedy performers you can make jokes out of anything about our dresses food habits sexual behavior our politicians our women and anything you think funny, but not about the poverty. Poverty is not a crime or a sin nor a topic for joking.


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