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Funniest Modern SNL Skits

Updated on August 2, 2017

Saturday Night Live's Best Modern Skits & Digital Shorts

Saturday Night Live has been around for a long time, bringing in a bunch of memorable cast members, (most of whom go on to do great things). There have been so many hilarious SNL skits, it's hard to narrow them down, especially when you throw in the older ones. Although I appreciate their older stuff, comedy has changed over the years and we tend to find material we can relate to a lot funnier. Remember, comedy, like most other forms of entertainment is highly subjective and this is just my humble opinion.

Here are the Top Modern SNL skits that are sure to make you "LOL":

"A Thanksgiving Miracle"

Aidy Bryant steals the show in this Adele "Hello" spoof! You know when you get together with relatives for a holiday and NOBODY can agree on anything. This skit has the perfect solution played out with hilarity.

"Sopranos High"

This sketch is from back in 2014 and it's hilarious. What if Tony Soprano and his crew were high school? This sketch nails it. It features Bobby Moynihan has 'Tony' and he does a fantastic job of impersonating the voice. Adam Levine was the host and cameos in this very funny sketch.

"Space Pants"

I'm a HUGE fan of Peter Dinklage. He plays one of my favorite characters of all time, (Tyrion Lannister from Game of Thrones), but, in this skit, he performs an original song & it's one of the funniest sketches I've ever seen. Gwen Stephani even shows up.

"Wishin' Boot"

It's a mock music video that actually really reminds me of a real life country band. The lyrics are priceless and it features some of my favorite cast members like Aidy Bryant and Kate McKinnon. Blake Shelton takes the lead.

"Thank you Scott"

This one's a video short from Louis C.K's hosting gig and makes fun of something we can all relate to - people thinking they are changing the world by sharing their political opinions on social media! It's another song sketch, but it's completely worth a watch.

"David S. Pumpkins"

This has to be one of my all-time favorites and not just because my fiance dressed up as the character last Halloween. Not only do I love Tom Hanks - I love Halloween. I've been to so many haunted houses and mazes over the years, I've seen it all and it all hasn't been scary. This skit is one of the funniest of all time in my books.

"First got Horny 2 U"

The female cast members of SNL have started a trend where they make music videos. Don't get me wrong - the other ones are hilarious to, (Do it my twin bed, being one of them) - but this one rocks. Also, Elizabeth Banks is a favorite of mine and it's not just because she did "Pitch Perfect", (one of my guilty pleasure movies).

"The Californians"

My parents lived in California for most of their young adult lives and this sketch makes me understand why they always know EVERY street name. Plus, there are a lot of different skits and cameos, as it was a reoccurring one. Most of them are really funny. It also pokes a bit of fun at lame soap operas.

"La La Land Interrogation"

Aziz Ansari was the host during this skit and it shines a light on just how passionate people can regarding Golden Globe winning movies.

"Bobby Moynihan: Riblet"

How can you NOT find Bobby M funny? He appears as the character 'Riblet' on Weekend Update. Riblet is pretty damn hilarious. I'll add a video of my favorite Riblet appearance below. Bobby has also appeared on Weekend Update as another favorite quest - "Drunk Uncle".

"A Girl's Halloween"

This one really reminds me of my friends and I - three girls getting dressed up for Halloween, claiming they aren't going to "drink too much"...and then...there's what happens later. Aidy Bryant is hilarious!!

"Justin Timberlake skits"

There are just so many good JT skits from SNL, it's hard to pick just a few, let alone one. Every single video he does with Andy Sanberg or Jimmy Fallon is true comedy gold. I'll add some of my favorites below. Timberlake can sing, dance, act and when he wants to be - he's freaking hilarious!

Did I miss any of your favorite modern skits? Comment below.

MotherLover - LOL


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David Pumpkins Halloween skit - HILARIOUS!

Last Halloween - David Pumpkins!!!

My fiance dressed as David Pumpkins last Halloween & I. His costume rocked!
My fiance dressed as David Pumpkins last Halloween & I. His costume rocked!

Girl's Halloween that's actually kind of realistic - HAHA

Sopranos High - Freaking Funny stuff!


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