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Funniest Scenes From the Television Sitcom Good Times

Updated on October 11, 2017
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Good Times

Good Times is an older show but as of the writing of this article, it is now in syndication on the LAFF channel and episodes of the show Good Times can be seen quite often on that tv channel. The popular 1970s television sitcom Good Times often dealt with serious themes but it was mostly a funny television show. I have seen many episodes of Good Times. Here is a descriptive summary of one of the funniest episodes I've ever seen, "The Enlistment" and some of the funniest scenes within that episode of the Good Times television show.

In the one episode, "The Enlistment" where the father of the family, the patriarch loses his job, the oldest son J.J. tries to help relieve the anxiety of financial strife by enlisting in the military. J.J. has difficultly convincing his father that this is a good choice and his father certainly does not want him to do this without telling his mother first.

J.J. says that he always tries to not go against what his father wants for him but technically, now that he is over eighteen years old, he can make the choice to join the military with or without his father's consent. J.J. ultimately proceeds to go for a physician appointment, the physical that can clear him for military service.

The character J.J. always acts in an exaggerated way but in this particular episode of Good Times, he acts even more exaggerated than usual. It's truly over the top and funny comedy. When J.J. has to get his blood drawn at the doctor's office, he is ready to swoon and faint just at the sight of the needle and even the feel of the cotton ball cleaning the area on his arm beforehand. J.J. finds the physical activity required at this appointment to be grueling and some over the top physical comedy ensues.

J.J.'s performance is hilarious and would have you laughing out loud. For the recording of J.J.'s heart rate, he is told by the physician to run up and down some steps as fast as he can. The physician is supposed to time this but then gets distracted by a phone call from his wife. The physician's family is expecting house guests and he is going on and on on the phone about how the guests could use his and his wife's room while they sleep in the den. J.J. is exhausted and falling all over the place! After going through everything, J.J. is eventually visited by his father at the doctor's office. His father reassures J.J. that he found work and J.J. does not have to go through with the enlistment that he did not seem cut out for. J.J. was very happy to run out of there and go home!

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