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Funny Facebook Groups - Funniest FB Groups

Updated on June 9, 2014

FB Has Got Some Funny Groups!

I have seen people join such outrageous groups on FB that it's not even funny anymore! Well okay, maybe it's funny. A little bit.

In this page I am going to note down some of the groups that would leave you with a smirk on your face, if not anything else. Sit back, relax and enjoy!

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If 1,000,000 people join this group, nothing will happen

This has to be the funniest group I have joined. We see so many groups that promise the sky if you join them, and nothing ever happens! Why not join a group instead which doesn't promise anything at all but offers exactly the same thing in return - nothing!

It wasn't awkward till u said " This is awkward." Now its awkward.

How familiar are we with such situations? People love pointing things out to us which never bothered us in the first place. It doesn't happen for the better, mind you!

30 Things To Do In An Exam When You Know You're Going To Fail It Anyway!

Only if this facebook group was available when I was studying.

Unlike 99.99% of the Facebook population, I was born in the 70s.

Need I say more? Check out the group description too. Funny!

If I Fail My Exams, Its Facebook's Fault

Obviously! Facebook is SO addictive. With so many games like Farmville (where farming seems to take less time than in real life), Pet Society, Scrabble, who in their right senses can concentrate? Go check out the group. In the meantime, let me go check out my farm.

1000 reasons why the north is better than the south

If you do have a valid reason as to why north is better, join this group and share your views.

No, I Don't Care If I Die At 12AM, I Refuse To Pass On Your Chain Letter.

I just want to shoot myself and die when I get such kind of emails. They end up automatically in the recycle bin!

I believe the word 'studying' was derived from the words 'students dying'

I saw one of the girls joining this group. Hah!

After Monday & Tuesday even the Calender says W T F...

Goodness! People notice the most remarkable things.

"Dammit I’m mad" is the same spelt backwards! - Mindblowing isn't it?

Facebook groups can make you notice the strangest of things. Mindblowing indeed!

Yeah, ok, yes, yeah, yeah, ok, yes, ok, i know, ok, yes, BYE MOM.

Oh yeah! I can totally relate to this group!!

The Guy Who Discovered Milk... What Was He Doing With The Cow ?? :-)

Exactly! ;)

Another Farmville invite and I will kill your animals and burn your crops

Hear hear! I am totally fed up of the numerous Farmville requests I get each day.

Dear Lord, may Taylor Lautner never find his shirt again. Amen.

For all those Twilight fans! ;)

I used to cover my hands in glue at school just so I could peel it off

No I never really tried doing this! Have you?

When i was younger i used to say a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j,k, ELEMELO P!

Guilty as charged! ;)

I hate it when people ask for extra paper in exams. WTF are you writing!?

I wanted to ask this question to the geeks in my class, several times!

1 friend request, 0 mutual friends, WTF?! how did you find me?!

This has been happpening to me a lot lately.

Dear Rose, Jack TOTALLY could have fit on that damn door with you!

So true! ;)

"MUM I STILL CAN'T FIND IT" "It's right in front of you" "No its not... oh."

I used to go through this all the time! Lol..

Dear grades, get well soon

For all those students out there, with sucky grades!

During an exam, I add up all the possible marks I might get, to feel better

Another one for students! Cute no?

I Get More Calls On The Day When RESULTS Are Out , Than On My BIRTHDAY !!

Haha! I can so identify with this one!

Laughing so hard you clap like a retarded seal

This is so cute! Couldn't stop smiling the moment I saw this page.

Any other funny FB groups that you have joined? Share it here.

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