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Funny Monday Quotes for Work: Status & Pictures

Updated on December 15, 2015
A Monday Fact: I hate receiving, funny Monday quotes for work
A Monday Fact: I hate receiving, funny Monday quotes for work

Funny Monday Quotes

Getting a good morning text on Monday or reading a happy Monday status on Facebook is always so annoying. The following I hate funny Monday quotes and pictures are a fun gift for all Monday haters. I personally don’t hate any day and the purpose of this funny post is only entertainment.

  • Happy Monday morning everyone! Everyone deserves to be happy and have dreams. Believing in yourself is the main key. Everyone has the potential. The question is do you have the motivation?
  • Good morning Facebook friends and family. It's Monday the beginning of the week its earliest it has been a long day, but I'm not going to let anything or no one can mess up my day I have to handle my business and go about my day and make the best of my day. On that note hope, everyone has a great day.

Yes, Monday must be a woman
Yes, Monday must be a woman

Funny Monday Quotes

  1. If Monday was a gift, I would happily return this gift to the person who gave it to me.
  2. Set your clocks for the start of the weekend. Then smash your clocks so you won't know when Monday starts.
  3. Hangovers are bad; hangovers are bad even more on a Monday morning.
  4. Hope you guys had a great weekend! Who is dreading Monday besides me?
  5. I don’t like Sunday nights because you have to wake up to a Monday morning.
  6. Monday morning, hate it or love it, but it's just another day to rock on till the break of dawn.
  7. Don't dislike Monday. It's a nice start to the rest of the week. Treat it fine, it will treat you fine too. Do it correctly, it will delight you correctly.
  8. Not only is it bad enough that it’s Monday morning, I physically feel sick coming to work after every weekend.
  9. Monday you're so jealous of my relationship with Sunday because I am so happy that you'll do anything to see it end!
  10. Every Monday morning looks to be starting a little early for me. I hate you Monday!
  11. They say I hate Monday, but I love every moment of Monday till Sunday.
  12. I always in a bad mood on Monday morning so I hate everything for no reason whatsoever.
  13. Never make your best track the alarm for Monday morning; you’ll hate it for years.
  14. It’s a Monday, the day most niggas hates. Let’s murder someone in a battle. Who is ready to battle? Drop some lines and I will arrange you one.
  15. I only hate my Boss because of Monday, sorry boss, but it's true, but I also love you when it’s Friday.
  16. It's Monday, back to work, hate this moment. Let me sleep a little more.
  17. That awkward moment when you wake up and think it's a weekend, but come to find out it's a Monday.
  18. Dear: Monday I hate you right because I hate having school & wake up in the morning, I could cross off every Mondays on my calendar and that's it later? - From: your no good buddy.
  19. Dear Monday if you were a person, you wouldn't have friends.
  20. Well yes, it's Monday and well as I say this each week I hate Mondays.
  21. I hate Monday mornings as it only brings one thing and that is office work which everybody hates after having the weekend off.
  22. Even if Monday was placed where Thursday is and Thursday placed where Monday is, I would still hate Monday.
  23. That awkward moment when the probability that it's a weekend is 100% sure, but the day is as boring as a Monday morning.
  24. I don’t like when you are all stress-free and peacefully warmed in the couch and without prior notice, out of nowhere, Monday comes along and punches your face right out of the couch!
  25. I can honestly say that I am likely to resemble a sloth when I crawl out of bed on Monday morning!
  26. What is your favorite day of the week and please explain why it is your favorite day of the week. Mine is Tuesday because that means Monday is gone.
  27. If you really hate Mondays you should be enjoying the furthest day from the next Monday. And if you do the math with your fingers, start counting, well Monday happens to b the furthest day from the next Monday!
  28. I hate this especially on a Monday morning; a call from my boss asking me whether I'm in the office yet!
  29. That not so awkward and awesome moment when you realize it's Monday and everyone else is working but you.
  30. Hello, Monday! I don't really hate you. Anyway, why should I, huh? It's just that I feel uneasy when I hear that you are around.
  31. Dear Monday! We, people, do not know why you're every time there. If you had another name I think I would hate you much, much more. So what I want to say is that we hate you!
  32. I hate school on Mondays and Thursdays and Fridays. Mondays because it’s the first day of the school week and Thursdays because it’s not Friday and Friday because it is so close to Monday!
  33. If you elect me for president I will make sure tomorrow is not Monday, therefore making it a school-free day.
  34. I hate when you know you need to go to sleep because you got work in the Monday morning, but your mind won't turn off! No doubt, Monday is always going to be a long day!
  35. Don't you just love feeling fresh and full of life on a Monday! I pity the fools waking up with a hangover.
  36. Monday morning Facebook status updates are my favorite. The sheer sarcasm in everyone's posts always makes me smile and feel a little less guilty of hating Mondays so much.

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    • profile image

      Kristen Chee 3 years ago

      If this headache doesn't go away soon I am afraid my head is going to explode. And it's all due on Monday!

    • profile image

      Apple Girl 2 years ago

      So what...

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