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Funny Old Days

Updated on July 7, 2013

Just another day

You know it's going to be a good day at the office when you walk through the door and everyone turns and looks at you with a face like a rabbit caught it headlights. Naughty children up to no good worried that they've been caught in the act only to realize it's only me and so the party can continue.

It's good to have a laugh in a stressful environment, it helps prevent you from going insane and it helps create little projects like Sumo Films. Although I'm sure that passersby wonder what is going on sometimes, because happiness is strictly forbidden.

Anyway as we settle in to the routine of 1 imitates another and they imitate another. The giggles start to sneak out and smiles start to appear. It's always nice to see smiles in the workplace because it's not like you want to be there so you had might as well try to make the most of the experience.

It is unfortunate that we have a very mixed group, as any place will, and that what one individual says is very easy to spin into something completely different and "rude" or just funny. A mouth full of water did nearly get spat across a computer today because one of the older members of staff commented that it wasn't sensible to sleep with a "Vibrator". Well it didn't take long for everyone's heads to be up wondering what the initial conversion had been about.

As you can imagine my poor little head is already doodling at a rate of about 400 frames a minute by now and trying to keep it sensible but it is starting to lose control. Just had to find any excuse to remove myself from the department and go a laugh somewhere.

Later when things were a little more manic than earlier, another ray of sunshine when a colleague passes me and I comment "your cloths are on inside out". After a very brief discussion, they looked and were shocked to discover that they had been walking around all day dressed inside out. Nothing wrong with I said "just a sign of things to come", keep an eye on that one I think.

It's the sort of day that my films started from, so much going on and able to sit back and watch. Occasionally reigniting the fun, just to keep it simmering a little longer and allowing my colleagues to enjoy themselves for at least a little while longer.

Unfortunately the day will not live in animation as I can't get it done but I will find a way to bring to life in some other way.


Using the memorable experiences that I have had over the years I have produced a few scripts. Using these I will soon start filming so keep an eye on my channel for new features coming.


Using these kind of memorable experiences I have compiled some scripts and will be filming soon. Keep an eye on my channel and see the new stuff coming soon.


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