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What Is Going On In These Photos?

Updated on November 12, 2016

Mans' Best Friend

There comes a time when your dog becomes a little too close. This photo may be proof of that as it appears the dog merged into a human body. Did he decide to take himself for a walk? If you are a dog with a human body, I suppose you still need to follow leash laws. The best part is, the wrinkles on his face go with the shape of the body too! It really is a match!

Oh Deer

This one leaves me with quite a few questions. What is Santa doing with those raindeer? Would deer hunters keep hunting if this was out there? How is creature able to hold its head up with that big of horns? Wait wait...she is a female! How does she even have horns?!

Game Over

Alright, a few comments on this one. First of all...OUCH! I suppose that is one way to win a game. I wonder what kind of penalty was called for this one. The look on their faces really tell the story. The guy in the blue looks like he will be keeping that expression for a while, and likely speaking with a very high-pitched voice. The guy in the red looks like he was done with the game and moving on to either some new form of fighting or some new form of painful dancing. His face doesn't even show remorse, he was very focused, and I guess he would have to be to pull this off. How he is going to get his foot out of there...that is the real challenge. I pity the medical staff that takes care of these guys.

Human Turtle

Eat your heart out turtles! Sure, you can tuck your head into your shell, but now us humans have learned the trick too. We still have a few kinks to work out, as you can see...this one put her foot in the head hole. Hopefully, she doesn't get stuck on her back, she could be there for a while.

Demi-God Visits Statue of Liberty

This is what happens when we let Thor take a tour. He really should just stay on Asgard until we need him. On the other hand, he can really light the place up. Talk about security! I bet the electric bill was through the roof...or does he get his for free? Even if it is free...there is a...charge. I bet lady liberty was really shocked when this photo was taken. Please tell me those at least got a pity laugh...

Speaking of Thor...

This guy decided he could play the demi-god himself. Sure, he doesn't look anything like him, but he has that hammer! This poor unsuspecting villain (I am going to just assume that, so it makes the other guy look better for doing this) is about to feel the wrath of that hammer slamming down on his face. What the picture doesn't show is the hammer going back into his hand just before it hits the face and the guy just grinning and saying "Got ya!"

The Real Aquaman

While on the topic of superheroes, we might as well tell what the real aqua man looks like. He is not Jason Momoa with a body built out of every woman's dreams. He isn't a man in spandex with blond hair either. Nope...this is him. A man's body with a fish head. I assume that he still has his powers...except for the power to woo in every woman he comes near. Sorry ladies...


I decided to choose this photo because of a few reasons. For one, this dog was so excited and the way he soars through the air after that frisbee is great. However, take a closer look. That man is doing one of two things. I picture him looking at that dog with a surprised thought in his head. This man was likely prepared to catch that frisbee and throw it back to his buddy across the way, but the dog had other ideas. Or...on the other hand...maybe the man is admiring this dog. He is getting a closer look at the legs, the form...and wondering just how this beautiful beast pulled it off. Either way, it makes for quite an amusing photo.

Super Dog?

I don't know why I keep bringing up superhero subjects, but this seems fitting. Superman may be able to change in a phone booth, but this dog has him beat. It can change behind a tree so fast that the backside can't even keep up with the front side! I have no idea what super powers this dog may have, but the ability to change into a different dog, maybe even a different species...well if nothing else, it had that other dog shocked.

Having a bad day?

I thought I would end this article with this question. Are you having a bad day? Are things just not going right? Well, not as bad as this woman's day is about to be! That is one beautiful dog, but when she wakes up it won't be nearly as beautiful to her! Just remember, no matter how bad your day least a dog didn't mark your face as his property. Should she be flattered or insulted?

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