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Funny Sites Similar to FML 10/2012

Updated on September 30, 2012


The Internet, since it's first uses, has been a source of sharing entertainment whether it be music, movies, television shows, funny video clips, even funny stories. Since the early 2000s the production of these entertainment based websites have skyrocketed. From social media networking to the ever popular "FML" (otherwise known as "F" my life). The vastness of the internet reassures us that FML is not possibly the only short personal story sharing site. Let us delve into the internet world of hilarious, genuine, sarcastic and unbelievably true shared stories that will literally have you "ROFL"!

Combat Boredom/Depression with Webertainment

Surfing sites sharing personal true, hilarious stories is a great way to pass useless time and also to be humbled. You realize that your not the only person who may have had a bad day and laughing with others about their random misfortunes brightens your mood and reassures you that your not the only one! Need to rant about your bad luck or share your epic stories? These are the places to go! Reading a few postings of the site to your liking will be sure to brighten your day! The majority of the listed sites have Android/iPhone Apps so you can take the fun on the road and laugh away anywhere! Happy, funny readings!

The Good Stuff!

F My Life
Your everyday life FAIL stories.
Texts From Last Night
Remember that text you shouldn't have sent last night? They do.
Dreams From Last Night
Share your wild dreams from last night
My Life is Average
Share the stories of your average life!
I'm So Bad At Sex
Share your epic hook-up fails!
Gives Me Hope
Share the beautiful, uplifting moments in life!
F College
Funny College Fails
My Wacky Family
Tell us about your families' crazy antics!
My Last Night Story
Have a crazy epic night? Share the stories of the nights you'll never remember!
THC:That High (dot) Com
Share your hilarious stoner stories!
Who Hired Me?
Crazy things you've done on the clock!
Does That Make Me Weird?
Judge possibly weird yet hilarious habits!
More To Come!
Not just for teens!
Not just for teens!


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      andymikel 5 years ago

      Here is another funny website you should check list Thanks :)