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Funny Spongebob Quotes and Pictures

Updated on August 26, 2015

Funny Spongebob Quotes for Facebook

Are you addicted to Spongebob? All Spongebob fans can share these funny quotes about Spongebob on their Facebook Timelines and if you are a little bit creative then you can also use these funny sayings on funny meme photos for more fun.

Spongebob Funny Quotes:

  1. Some people are so square they should change their first name to Spongebob and start wearing square pants.
  2. I am just 2 years old and after watching two seconds of SpongeBob I already know which episode it is.
  3. It is amazing to me how kids find the taste of Mac and cheese so much better when the macaroni is shaped like SpongeBob!
  4. I never understood why they didn't just show when sandy and SpongeBob was getting it in.
  5. Sponge bob’s really got it together, so why no girlfriend? I mean, he's got a steady job, his own place...if he could just get that boating license, he'd be golden.
  6. This evening I shall mostly be educating myself on the wonders of Spongebob for my birthday cake.
  7. Wow, after all this time I just realized that in SpongeBob.....Crusty crab is in bikini bottom.
  8. Sometimes, I wonder if life under the sea is like SpongeBob.
  9. A guy on Maury says he's not the father because the kids look like Spongebob Square Pants.
  10. I wish I could climb into dreams like Spongebob does in that one episode.
  11. I'm so tired of watching SpongeBob but my baby is all into this show like he knows what's going on ' his eyes is glued to the TV and he haven't made a fart sound since it’s been on.
  12. Can Congress please pass a law that forbids my kid from going near any Spongebob pictures please?
  13. So I go to the locker room to change before my workout and SpongeBob is on TV...looks like I’m not working out anymore.
  14. I swear I'm the happiest person in the world when I come home from work and Spongebob is on the TV. I'm such a child.
  15. Trying to rest before work is impossible when Spongebob is on full blast.
  16. All the life-experience, maturity, and intellect cannot save you from choosing a toothbrush based on the color scheme and rubber embellishments. Or the fact that it has Spongebob on it!
  17. We can’t invent a flying car but SpongeBob can make a fire under the sea!
  18. If you don't start off your day watching SpongeBob you're a terrorist and hate America.
  19. I can't be the only one who hates SpongeBob!
  20. The next time someone tells you that your ideas are stupid; remind them that Spongebob was once an idea someone had.
  21. People call me SpongeBob because always I stay ready.
  22. Since my life is the most interesting in the world, I'm going to go watch Spongebob with my little brother and eat food.
  23. Who like Hulu over Netflix? If you like the commercials you can keep them. We are so canceling the free subscription, sorry Spongebob you are not worth it.
  24. I was outside and I saw those snails that look like Gary from Spongebob so I grabbed a stick and started to kill all of them I felt like I was protecting my territory.
  25. Do you ever realize in Spongebob, the bikini bottom has a beach, yet they're underwater?
  26. You know what their reason why they gave me 18 Marigold flowers on my birthday instead of 18 Roses? According to them Marigold stands for Spongebob!
  27. A Lot of people my age are obsessed with being in a relationship... I am obsessed with watching Spongebob.
  28. It's pretty bad when SpongeBob doesn't even put my sister to sleep. She is bouncing off the walls. I wish I had her energy right now.
  29. I just realized the guy who does the voice of SpongeBob also is the voice of dog from CatDog.
  30. The memories of my breakups, sad feelings, fear of failure and even Facebook all get lost when the SpongeBob is on.
  31. Hey, did you know you need to have a boating license, like on Spongebob, to drive a boat.
  32. Patrick from SpongeBob Square Pants has no girlfriend, wife, or kids with no money, no job he is a stupid dumb - Yet he is the happiest person I have ever seen.
  33. I swear Spongebob makes you damn retarded while strawberry shortcake makes you more beautiful.

Spongebob Funny Photos

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Funny Spongebob Facts

  • The moment you realize you are still watching Spongebob despite the fact that there are no kids around.
  • Spongebob Squarepants birthday is July 14th 1986.
  • The background voice man of SpongeBob and the voice lady of Plankton's computer wife are husband and wife in real life.
  • Spongebob has been hired at the Krusty Krab Company for over 35 years.
  • The guy that played the voice of the dog in CatDog and SpongeBob square pants grew up in East Syracuse.


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    • Mhatter99 profile image

      Martin Kloess 4 years ago from San Francisco

      I'm afraid. I posted on FB. Who will admit they watch?

    • peachpurple profile image

      peachy 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

      i love watching spongebob cartoons, so does my 6 year old boy. Funny character and joyful mood. Great quotes to brighten up my day. Voted up

    • jabelufiroz profile image

      Firoz 4 years ago from India

      Well done. Interesting. Voted up.