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Funny Television Commercials From Thailand

Updated on April 5, 2011

Creative and Funny TV Commercials From Thailand

Thai TV commercials are some of the funniest and most innovative media for selling products. Most commercials mix sex and humor that are tastefully done since most parts the culture is still largely conservative. Other advertisements mix jingles with creative graphics that I just don't see when I am back in the States.

Compared to commercials back home in the United States, Thai commercials are filled mostly by popular Thai actors, mostly by females since sex does sell and also because Thai women are very, very attractive.

Thai TV advertisements are successful because they know how to sell products effectively. To me Thai advertisers are master marketers and very adept at creating a buzz so people buy at a feeding frenzy. They know that human emotions is a powerful motivator for people to spend money and many of the advertisements are quite adept at it.

Below are a collection of some of my favorite Thai commercials with unique Thai creative humor. I tried my best to find ones with English sub-titles. But I find that Thai commercials can easily cross the language barrier so whether or not you comprehend the Thai language or not you will get the final message.

Mok Jokmok in Extrapam Commercial

Mok Jokmok is one of the most recognized funnyman in Thailand. His popularity is so high in Thailand that the guy plays a cameo role in most movies today in Thailand. Though he is most famous for his role in Ong Bak as a comic relief character in the gritty action packed movie with Tony Jaa, the main character.

Yes it is gross but hilarious. The commercial is a few years old and done for Top Charoen Optical, a very popular chain of eye glass stores all over the country. It's a shame they don't really produce anymore funny TV advertisements because I'm sure it brought them a lot of business.

This is the first commercial in a set of chewing gum commercials. After watching this the others are predictable.

A humorous television advertisement indeed with a lesson. But not too many Thais heed the warnings.

Yes the music is in Mandarin Chinese, but it is a Thai commercial. Chinese typed dramas and operas are popular in Thailand since both nations have a deep historic background together.

In Thailand there is actually quite a lot of truth to this commercial.

In Thailand there is a lot of truth about this too.

This commercial is basically about fake things. In this instance the baby encounters a ladyboy.

These sets of commercials are from a popular facial care company called Smooth E. It's a classic example of a very well done and creative television advertisement with an excellent story line that tugs at your heartstrings and most importantly makes you laugh. It was effective enough that it made my girlfriend and I'm quite sure many other Thai women to go out and buy their products after watching Smooth E's commercials.


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    • Edwin Clark profile image

      Edwin Clark 6 years ago from Thailand by way of New York

      Thanks Peter, hope you enjoyed!

    • Peter Dickinson profile image

      Peter Dickinson 6 years ago from South East Asia

      A great choice. Thank you.