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Funny Videos for Marketing

Updated on February 12, 2011

Do Funny Videos = Marketing Response?

I realize this is not a "video" its a picture, but it is one of the best known Viral Pictures Online.
I realize this is not a "video" its a picture, but it is one of the best known Viral Pictures Online.

BJ Girl Funny Video

Frozen Grand Central Viral Video

Darth Vader Eddie Izzard Death Star Canteen Comedy

Evian Roller Babies

MegaWoosh Microsoft German Viral Video

Funny Videos for Marketing - Viral Video

Over the years like most people I have watched my share of Funny Videos... usually on YouTube. Often if it's really funny - at least to friends of mine - I'll get them in email or from a link sent to me.

You'll probably notice like I have that there are a lot of people who like to take credit for a work by pasting their own URL or Logo onto the images. The photograph I've included above is a perfect example. If you are a smart content creator you will leverage your exposure by properly creating and placing your own URL and Logo into your original works.

I use YouTube for some of my online marketing campaigns and I am always careful to include my own branding so when others steal my work (And they will, they do, and they have) at least I'll get brand exposure.

Youtube seems to be pretty good about removing music copyright from posts. They also do a good job of removing copyright violations of works, but only if the Artist/Author or one of their representatives files the necessary claim. But who has the time to track it all down and then file all the complaints?

For most small publishers the effort required to chase down a copyright thief simply isn't worth it. So again I would suggest to any of you who are Artists/Authors that you embed your Logo and your URL within your Video or within your image in a way that makes it both easy to prove it is yours, and to gain additional exposure for your product/service.

Any professional marketer would be remiss to overlook the opportunity to leverage the human nature of the non creative. It's okay to let people redistribute your work, you want that. You just want to make sure that you are getting credit. It's also okay to redistribute the work of others in an ethical manner.

I make no claims for the video or photo content on this page, only the textual content. By distributing these images and videos I am promoting the work of others and at the same time creating new and informative content. This is the goal of Viral Video. To create content others will distribute for you.

Commentary on the Funny Viral Videos below:

BJ Comedy Video - Very clever use of a popular topic - Adult related issues like romance, relationships, and procreation (chose not to use the "S" word here) are always of interest to most people. This video has had over 13 million views and has no doubt generated many visitors back to the Artists Web Site.

Frozen Grand Central Video - Innovative use of "curiosity"! Curiosity is one reason people click through to view content. This video captured my attention not so much because of what they were doing, but because of the user reaction to what they were doing. How does one leverage this kind of content? Could be used for branding, creating interest for a program, or ?

Darth Vader Eddie Izzard Death Star Canteena - A great way to promote your comedy online and gain exposure to a wider audience. YouTube is the perfect platform for commedians to Brand and get more exposure.

Evian Roller Babies - The Best Viral Video of 2009. I watched the backend production video as well. Creates a strong message for the product and a great deal of goodwill for the advertising agency. This video leverages the natural interest in Babies. Cats also seem to attract a huge following of interested viewers.

Megawoosh - This video again plays on user curiosity. How did they do that? Is it real? This is exactly the kind of video people will send to their friends and collegues via email. This campaign was for Microsoft Germany, but was so popular that is quickly spread around the world.

So How Can You Use Funny Videos or Viral Video?


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