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Funny cartoon characters of all time

Updated on November 27, 2013

There are many funny cartoon characters who have made us laugh. Simple graphics and animations are usually used in the cartoons. These cartoons are generally built in two dimensional. Some of the most popular and funny cartoon characters are shown below.

Tom and Jerry best moments

1. Tom and jerry

Tom and Jerry is the most popular cartoon series started from the year 1940. William Hanna and Joseph Barbera are the creators of this famous cartoon title. There are a lot of interesting Tom and Jerry comedy episodes. Tom is a cat and Jerry is mouse in the cartoon. In most of the episodes tom tries to catch the little mouse and ends in huge mess. Some films of the tom ad Jerry has also released. These cartoons and films have become the favorites of children and also the elder people. The interesting thing in this cartoon is the music, they are very much suited for the situations. There are also various other characters in this cartoon some of them are spike, the dog and his little son, Mammy, the owner of the house, Tuffy, friend of Jerry etc.


2. Coyote and the Road runner - The Road Runner Show

Coyote and Road runner are the two main funny characters in the Road runner series. Road runner is a fastest runner and cannot be catched. Every time Coyote tries to catch Road runner but fails. Many funny moments happens while catching road runner and these are enjoyable for all ages. The Road runner makes a beep beep sound while coyote tries to catch which is a funny sound. Coyote and Road runner are the characters of the famous Looney tunes and Merrie Melodies. The first Road runner show was started in the year 1949. There are also many other funny characters in this series.


3. Pink Panther - The Pink Panther show

The Pink Panther Show is a famous classic comedy cartoon show started in 1969. Pink panther is the hero in this cartoon show and it has become a huge success cartoon series in that early years. Pink Panther show has a wonder full theme music as well. This Cartoon series is a simple animated comedy which all people will love. There are variety of comedy episodes in the pink panther series.



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    • sujithbeta profile image

      Sreejith k 4 years ago from Kerala, India

      Thanks for the comment. i also love these characters.