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Funny moments together

Updated on August 7, 2008

in this life time everyone might bail our on you but you family wont!"

I have to say as a family, my sisters brother and i did really appreciate the bond that we had.Everyday , at noon we would sit in our salon and share funny events that happened in class on the street as long as it made us feel happy again.

Well, those were really great days. But now that my older sister has traveled a 1000 miles away from home, i cant help thinking about the good times we had together. It was our code that" Family comes first, in this life time everyone might bail our on you but you family wont!".

I really felt invincible with them around me. We would share happy thoughts, painful memories, dreams and hopes you name it . We were really a bunch on nutt heads but we shared everything.AND that made life worth it all.

I remeber once my oldest sister was on the pc listening to her music (which i called boring and out of time and space).She would repeat the whole George Strait play list over and over again. And once, i told her to put something we'd like to listen to other than THOSE OLDIES! She went out of her room came to where i was sitting took me by the butt , turned me over and bit it as hard as she could.

I swear her teeth went through into the bone. And i as a young adult shocked for the first time, ran to the kitchen almost crying myself to tears calling mom : "she bit me in the ass!!"

We started running all around the house and i'd say help me in every language i knew! That ached , but at that time i didnt appreciate it. It felt out of place.But i have to say, after her leaving home, i miss all those weird moments we had as a family. Jusmping all around the house, acting like serious nutt cases .Now that she traveled, i miss all those moments i thought i'd never miss like her giving me a massage on my head when my head ached due to over studying. I miss going into her room when having bad dreams or being unable to sleep , and we'd chat in the room till six am or drink nescafe and share all what's on our minds or simply she'd hug me to sleep.

I'd remeber those beautiful moments for eternity and i would't trade them for anything. Though we had a little outings we really enjoyed our dark life together. And i have to say it really helps when you have someone to share it with. MY mother and older sister being the wise people in my family always told me that family comes first and you wouldn't know how much they mean to you unless one travels abroad or you lose one of them (God forbid).

I miss those moments, but mostly i miss her more than ever. Even though we chat for hours everyday, it is really different to have her by your side , hug you when you feel down , and tell you life will get easier at some point .

If i learned something from this , it would be cherish every moment with your family and dont let a single chance pass by without telling them how much they really mean to you.They might annoy you at some point, but trust me this is what sisters and brothers are for.When you experience what i have you will learn that your family is all what you've got...TRUST ME!


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    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 7 years ago from Lebanon


      i do understand the power of having a great relationship with your siblings. Sometimes when you are down a little hug from them or a sweet word thrown here or there would make the best out of a worse. I believe God has blessed both of us with a family that stands by your side when you take the HUGE steps in life, or even a family that is always there for you when you break or when no one is around. I have learned, yes the hard way, that everyone might walk out, might even stab you in the back, yet your family would be there for you even if you were to judgmental and hurting with your words. Sometimes i feel that i have never gave them any credit nor thanked them for being there in dark times which i wanted to have and face on my own. But truth to be told, without them i would be here today. All i have to do is pray and thank GOD everyday for this treasure for this gift which i don't seem to appreciate that much. I have to say without them i wouldn't be going to college now. And without their watchful and loving eyes and hearts i wouldn't be TURNING into a better person.

      Guys though i never say that a lot especially to my younger brother, i have to say i LOVE YOU ~

      Uriel always under the guarding eyes of her family

    • Freya Cesare profile image

      Freya Cesare 7 years ago from Borneo Island, Indonesia

      Well, your relationships with your sibling just similar like mine. I am the oldest and inside my family, I am the worst teaser in the house, but the most craziest person between us is my second sister whose not teased too much but love to bit anyone whose not aware of her approaching! All of my sisters living away from me now and I miss them everyday. so yes, I really understand your feeling.

      Have fun, Sis.

    • Uriel profile image

      Uriel 8 years ago from Lebanon

      heheh it was an arm though...n it makes me laugh alooooooooooooot :D:D

    • profile image

      C. C. Riter 8 years ago

      Ah yes, nostalgia. nice to have those old mmories to hold on to. thanks for sharing how sis bit your ass with us. haha ouch