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Funny Guy Shane Hartline

Updated on June 16, 2011

Shane Hartline

Is the world ready for Shane Hartline?

It should probably say busy, funny guy Shane Hartline. The actor / comedian / entertainer / producer / editor / filmmaker and former pro wrestler has so many projects going on it’s a wonder he manages to get any sleep. Or does he?

He is currently in South Florida working on the movie Rock of Ages. In the film he has a principal speaking role and gets to work alongside some top names in the industry. “Rock of Ages has been a life changing experience. It has been a lot of a hard work and long days, but I’m loving every second of it. I can't give away much information about my character just yet but I've had the opportunity to work on screen with actors such as Russell Brand, Alec Baldwin and many more. I really can't wait to see where this experience is going to take my life, but all I know is there are some BIG things in the works for ol' Shane Hartline and I can't wait to take all my supportive fans, friends and family on my journey.”

During breaks in filming Rock of Ages, he heads back up to Orlando and works on projects with Wooden Steel Productions. The comedy team, Shane Hartline, Peter Murphy, Billy Floyd and Ryan Salamone, has been filming some weekend adventures as well as still basking in the glow of their second place win in the 2011 Orlando 24 Hour Film Festival with Eat. Pray. Clone. “Working with Shane is similar to what I imagine it's like to work in a firework factory,” said Peter Murphy recently. “You're always at risk of creating something formidably potent- whether it explodes in your hands in front of your friends, or in the sky for all to see, there is always a big bang associated with Shane.”

Wooden Steel also has a new DVD out, Skittin Across America: Skit-A-Palooza which follows Hartline and Martin Hemenway around the country in a movie based scavenger hunt. With the help of several guest stars, they spend 10 days recreating classic movie moments. In one scene they recreate the hair removal scene from Forty Year Old Virgin. All proceeds from the sale of the DVD go to Stand Up 2 Cancer.

Hartline prefers being part of a group with his comedy, rather than doing stand up. “I have done stand up twice, once in my hometown and once for an audition in Georgia. It's a very different game that takes time to get used to. I definitely enjoyed doing it and have tossed around the idea of adding it to one of my full time ‘things to do’ list but not currently at the moment.”

“My main comedy inspiration is Chris Farley. I'm told a lot of my mannerisms are similar to his. I also try to be more of a physical comedian which is very easy for me with my pro wrestling background. I can fall on stage or in a video/film and know how to do it right and make it look like it hurts. I also really enjoy watching and studying Zach Galifianakis, Jim Carrey, Steve Carell, and Will Ferrell and lately I've been getting into watching a lot of Ricky Gervais' work.”

Did he say pro wrestling? Yes, he did. In 2005 Hartline was voted Florida's Pro Wrestling Rookie of the Year (SCW). “I would actually say I went from comedy to pro wrestling, back to comedy. I started improv training around 13, it was my first love. I performed weekly for many years locally then started training for pro wrestling at age 15 and by age 17 I was wrestling every weekend for different promotions around the state of Florida. Around age 20 I decided to leave pro wrestling full time to pursue acting and comedy. Many people ask me why I stopped Pro Wrestling, I already had a knee problem that was developing and I was only 20, I didn't want to end up being age 40 and not being able to walk. Pro wrestling is a very tough sport and business. The schedule on the road, and the night after night of beating on the body wasn't something my heart fully wanted towards the end anymore. I made many friends in wrestling and learned so much from character development to stunts that's helped me in many ways in my acting and comedy career.”

In 2008 Hartline won the Big Shot Live National Acting Competition on CBS. “My Big Shot Live win has opened so many doors over time for me. It was funny because when I finished the day of shooting the episode for some reason I felt like I ‘blew it,’ I really didn't know what to expect that day but I had a feeling of doing something wrong. I made some great contacts that day that have helped me so much over time and if/when I decide to make a jump to Los Angeles it will help me even more then. This business is mostly about the people you meet, and having a humble hustle.”

One challenge he has yet to tackle is an appearance on Saturday Night Live. He has an audition tape and petition on line in an effort to use social networking to draw attention from NBC and the Saturday Night Live execs to his dream of working on their show. His star is rising and his resume is adding credits on a seemingly daily basis, so maybe someday soon he’ll conquer Saturday Night Live as well.

As it states on his You Tube bio “Hi my name is Shane, I want to entertain and make people laugh forever.”


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